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Best Family Activities to do in Luxembourg

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg flanked by imposing giants like Germany, Belgium and France holds its own with a thriving economy, the world’s largest GDP per capita, strategic importance in history and some of the most beautiful landscapes and city plans in the world. Being a trilingual country with German, French and Luxembourgish as its official languages, it’s a favorite destination for Europeans looking for a relaxed holiday week.

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On entering this quaint city you get the feeling that you have travelled back in time to the romantic past ages where living was all about getting together in the evenings in the gorgeous city square, attending music festivals on street corners, buying fruit from the open fruit markets and savoring the famous macaroons. But then blink again and you will also see the posh shops, people walking around in the best designer wear, the exotic pets etc. and you are transported right back to the modern times to a city which gushes chic at every corner. There are a lot of fun activities to do while on a holiday to Luxembourg.

Animal Farm: Nestled on the banks of the river Messancy, is the Ardennes region of the country. This region will really make you stop and take in a sharp gasp of air because its sheer beauty. The Animal Park located here is a fun place to take a day trip with your kids. Pack a great picnic basket and you can be sure of keeping the kids occupied in the beautiful wilderness of the park by spotting animals such as deer, goat, wild boar, wildfowl etc. The park is also a serene place to walk about and take in some fresh air and just enjoy being in the outdoors with your whole family.

Cycling in Luxembourg: The flat landscape makes Luxembourg an ideal place to enjoy a day of cycling around the city with your family. There are a number of sprawling parks or the stunning banks of the Alzette River to get your legs pumping those pedals. If your family is looking for more adventurous terrain then you must head out to the Ardennes mountain or to the southeast Moselle Valley.

Fishing in Luxembourg: Once you have a fishing license, Luxembourg is a great place to relax and experience a fishing trip with your family. Pack a few sandwiches, something to drink, an icebox, your fishing gear and a floppy hat and you are good for a great day out with your kids, while enjoying the landscape and listening to the soothing sound of the river. The rivers here are amongst the freshest and the best stocked compared to the rest of Europe and there are many companies offering tourist fishing trips for those who prefer a package trip.

Horseback Riding: There are plenty of stables all over Luxembourg offering great packages by the hour or day and they also offer beginner’s courses for those looking for it.

Parc Marveilleux in Luxembourg: This is the most popular amusement park in Luxembourg and a definite stop for those of you with active children. The park is relaxing and quite small, a welcome change from the huge parks found in the rest of Western Europe where you have to watch the kids constantly. This is a place to kick back and relax under a tree while sipping on some fresh lemonade while the children have the time of their lives. The park has adventure playgrounds, a miniature train ride for kids, the pony express, a small zoo with indigenous animals, the mini cars and quite a few restaurants and cafes.

Luxembourg is an amazing stop-over for a holiday. You will find it difficult to run out of places to see and things to do on your vacation here.


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