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What to See and Do in Lourdes, France

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Upper Basilica, Lourdes, France

Situated in the Hautes-Pyrenees Department in the southwest of France is the commune and town of Lourdes lying in the Pyrenean foothills. Despite the fact that Lourdes’ population numbers around 15,000 residents, it is the host to nearly 5,000,000 tourists annually and Lourdes is second only behind Paris for the largest amount of hotels.

Main Tourist Attractions

Additionally, Lourdes is the destination site of one of the largest Catholic pilgrimages in the entire world. Spirituality is a major component of the present-day world. Through the depth and beauty of Lourdes, the marks of the past, the serenity of the Sanctuaries, and just the site itself are why the city is one of the most popular target destinations in all of France.

Regardless of the spiritual aspect of the city’s tourism factor, Lourdes holds a variety of other reasons to visit this historical location. For a taste of this spiritual history, explore the Notre Dame of Lourdes Sanctuaries along with any of the other 21 locations for celebrating mass. For other entertainment and sightseeing, take in the Little Tourist Train, La Féerie des Eaux (3 km from Lourdes), La Salle Bernadett (the cinema), the Lourdes’ Lake and wood, and The Pic du Jer (and the chair-lift).

Lourdes Museums

Another venue that Lourdes has plenty of is the many museums. You can easily trace the history of Lourdes during your visit within a matter of hours. This small commune and town located at the Pyrenees foothills is submerged in the same atmosphere that reigned centuries ago and has continued to the present, and the storied museums listed below are a testament to that statement:

  • Castle and Pyrenean museum
  • Culture and regional Architecture
  • Christi Museum
  • Gemmail Museum
  • The Little Lourdes
  • Lourdes Museum
  • The Miraculous Medal Museum
  • The Wax Museum
  • The Nativity Museum

Lourdes Hotels

Accommodation in Lourdes is noting short or adequate and classy with Apartments, Bed and Breakfast establishments, Guest Houses, Hotels, and numerous Self-catering residences available.  Three of our best-rated accommodations in Lourdes according to users are:

Lourdes Restaurants

Finally we come to the issue of dining and it’s a big issue considering there are over 100 places to get a nice meal in and around Lourdes. Here are the three top-rated restaurants in Lourdes:

  • Hotel Saint-Charles Restaurant – French cuisine with excellent Paella
  • Le Magret – excellent local cuisine and great ambiance
  • Grill Alexandra – good French cuisine, great serving staff, and rated one of the best restaurants in the city

Photo of the Upper Basilica of Lourdes by Lawrence OP

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