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Olympics London Walking Tours

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

With Olympic fever sweeping through the city of London and most of the UK, the walking tours of the Olympic Games will give participants an excellent view of how the preparation is progressing.  These professionally guided informative tours have been a long time in the planning stages and it is recommended that you enjoy them if you are going to be in London prior to and during the events which kick off on July 27th.

London Walking Tour

Many of the professional walking tours offered prior to the start dates of the Olympic and Paralympic Games run until prior to the starting date. Most of these will end either a week prior to the start of the London Summer Olympics (usually by July 20th) or the day prior to the Paralympic Games (usually by August 28th).

However, there are several that are taking place while the Summer Games are happening.  The following are three that are taking place during the time of the games:

Daily Olympic Walk – Meandering along the industrialized portion of the lower valley of the Lea River, the Daily Olympic Walk follows an old towing path as it passes by older mills which give the participant a clear idea as to why this route was chosen.  The walk finishes at Westfield where you reach a point that provides you with some excellent views of the Olympic Park itself.  The rail and underground (Tube) station is nearby along with a number of refreshments and shops in Westfield.

Alternative Afternoon Walk – There is now a daily walk taking place every afternoon of the week at 2:00 pm.  The route is identical to the Daily Olympic Walk (see above).  It finishes in close proximity to the Stratford Station and the well-known Westfield Shopping Center.  As with the Daily Olympic Walk, participants are not allowed to access the interior of the Olympic Park but your tour guide will update you on the latest news regarding the athletes and the venues.

Mid-Week Evening Olympic Walk – Back in May and running through mid August, the success of the two Summer Olympics walks above spurned the idea of developing another walking tour to take place when the evenings provided better temperatures.  As of the beginning of May and continuing until mid August, there are Wednesday evening tours now available.  It’s a great way to meet some new friends and once the tour has concluded, tour guides will direct you to Lodnon pubs and restaurants to cap off your enjoyment.

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