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Olympics 2012 – Olympic Ticket Sales

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

The Games of the XXX Olympiad, the 2012 Summer Games comes to London, the Big Smoke, the shining star of the British Empire. This year’s games have promised much and the city expects millions of visitors to the games themselves as well as the events that surround the games.

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Several international bands and artists are set to set the stage for the games with electrifying performances – Madonna, Lady Gaga, Snow Patrol, Tom Jones, Duran Duran, Bruce Springsteen and Blur.  Stevie Wonder, Jay-Z and Take That are also expected to perform. Musical, entertainment and cultural events at Victoria Park, Hyde Park, and Trafalgdar Square are set to coincide with the Olympics and Paralympics. If you did not manage to get tickets to your favourite events, it is still possible that good fortune may smile on you.

The ticketing system for the London Olympics has been one of the best regulated systems in recent times. Ticket sales have been rapid and ticketing for some events such as the opening and closing ceremonies have been closed. However, with over half a million tickets up for sale, ticket sales are expected to go on right up to the time of the event. In all there nearly 1 million contingency tickets up for sale to a range of events that include hockey, tennis, football, swimming, cycling, archery, basketball, handball, rowing and gymnastics. While high-profile events such as the men’s 100 meters sprint event and the 400 meters track events sold out, there are secondary options to view some of the events at the Olympic Park and other venues.

Buying tickets for the London Olympics is fairly simple. If you live in the United Kingdom, you may purchase tickets directly through the London Olympics 2012 website. There is also a ballot that has allotted tickets for some of the high-profile events. Tickets for the second ballot will also be made available to fans who enrolled in the initial ballot. Select a range of events to improve your chances of receiving a ticket. There are about 1.4 million tickets for football matches and nearly 500,000 tickets for other events. There are about 70,000 grounds tickets that will allow you to enter the grounds and view the events on the big screens outside the event venue. Tickets are available for varying rates, depending on the event – from £15 and up. The organizers are said to have priced most tickets between £20 and £100.

For visitors from outside Europe, tickets are available through IOC authorized sales agents. If you are coming to London for a specific event, ensure that you have your tickets confirmed. With tickets in hand, rest easy and prepare to be part of the world’s largest sporting event at the Olympic Games.


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