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5 reasons to visit Greenwich, London

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

Greenwich is a curious little place. Seemingly a million miles away from central London, it’s actually only 20 minutes by train from London Charing Cross station. Here you’ll find perfect little boutiques, markets and independent food shops all clammering to get your attention. Greenwich somehow never loses the charm of a tiny little village, yet it still manages to be hip enough to feel like you haven’t really left the city. There are many reasons to visit Greenwich. Here are my top five:

1. The Greenwich Union

Royal Hill.

The Greenwich Union is a brilliant little hidden away pub. It brews its own beer and is tucked away into ‘the posh bit’ meaning you’re always able to find a table away from tourist traps near the market. The staff are always friendly (not to mention very attractive) and they let you eat ice cream at the bar if you ask very nicely. They’ll also make sure your dog is well watered and fussed over. Their chef deserves a medal and if you’ve got plans for the rest of the day, don’t venture into the beer garden in the summer. You won’t want to move anywhere in a hurry.

2. The Painted Chapel

Royal Navel College.

Part of what’s now Greenwich University, The Painted Chapel is one of the most beautiful little secrets south of the river. It’s still used a chapel to this day but you can go in an look around (except during the Sunday service) and you can even get married here if you want to. Tucked away in the fabulous buildings designed by Sir Christopher Wren, you won’t find a more perfect quite spot in London.

3. Greenwich Park

Nelson Road.

Not just a big bit of grass, Greenwich Park is one of the best in London. Where else would you be able to walk through a rose garden, feed the very friendly squirrels and go and visit the deer in the deer enclosure? That’s not forgetting the views from the world famous Observatory. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to find the scary tree which was rumored to be used as a prison.

4. Oliver’s Jazz Bar

Nevada Street.

Greenwich can be a bit quiet in the evening. Unless you know how to find Oliver’s Jazz Bar. Tucked away in a courtyard and hidden down some stairs, this is truly the best bar in Greenwich and one of the best live venues in London. You’ll be treated to a warm welcome by the French staff and blown away by the live music. It’s quiet and relaxed on Fridays but much more lively on Saturdays. Get there early, grab a table and settle in for the evening with a bottle of wine.

5. Red Door

Turnpin Lane

Red Door is a tiny little gift shop with erm, a red door. But it’s not just about the girly ornaments and jewelery and the “Oh my god I don’t really need it but I really want it” stuff that you can buy here. The place is so small, but they somehow manage o have a little art gallery right at the back. You’ll see the work of local artists and in some cases you’ll be able to buy their work. It’s a pleasant surprise in what’s already a gorgeous little shop. Galleries shouldn’t be a secret, but this one works so well with the occasional visitor. Sometimes you’ll have to battle with the cutest little guard dog to get there as he’s often in the doorway. Don’t worry, he’s fluffy and harmless.

Picture of Greenwich, London originally posted by judepics


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  1. Jenny says:
    July 21st, 2008 at 07:03

    Nice input, I’m pretty much interested in this destination.

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