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Fun Cooking Classes in London

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Cookery classes have always been a strange business, and certainly not cool. Boring meals, boring chefs and not a lot of fun to be had.

Beater and Eggs

But now, London businesses are cashing in on the new change of pace in which we live our lives. Since the change in economy, we can’t afford to go out for dinner every night anymore. But we still want to have fun so instead we stay home and entertain. Now London is teaching us to cook. And they’ve got the fun factor sorted too.Here’s some of the best, most accessible cookery courses in London.

L’atelier Des Chefs

Cook your own lunch, then eat it. A simple enough idea, and one that’s proving very popular indeed. It’s about £18 a head, but for this you get a quick lesson, and of course, your lunch. So this is a great little starter course to try. If you’re lucky you might pick up a 2-4-1 offer making it even more fun. The lunch menu includes Monkfish with bacon, apple and ‘crema di tartufo e balsamico’ which sounds lovely, even if I don’t know what it is. You can do dinner courses as well, for about £55.

L’atelier Des Chefs- Wigmore Street, Fitzrovia.


Mmmmmm….. chocolate making. There’s nothing more decadent than playing about with tasty treats and learning a bit about how they’re made. Of course, while sampling the goodies as well! The open kitchen at Melt is lovely and even if you’re just browsing you can poke your head round the corner and watch the chocolatiers at work. They’ve got children’s chocolate classes advertised at the moment, but get a group together and they’d be happy to give you a course.

Melt – Ledbury Street, Notting Hill.

Eat, Drink, Talk

The place to go if you’re a rubbish cook. Eat, Drink, Talk can make a Gordon Ramsay out of anyone (minus the swearing). You can do courses in anything from Gastropub meals to Thai food so you should be able to find something to suit your palette! Classes are held in a stunning loft flat, and run by Jennifer. She’ll take you through your menu, over 2-3 hours, getting you tipsy along the way. All for about £65.

Eat, Drink, Talk – S. John Street, Clerkenwell.

The Kitchen

Now this is a strange concept indeed. Prepare your food in The Kitchen, take it home with you on the bus, and then cook it at home! What? Make it myself? This seems to be a strange cooking class indeed. But, it’s run by Michelin starred Thierry Laborde and that sounds pretty cool. Plus, they do give you instructions on how not to ruin it when you get home so that’s something, I guess. Still, if you can’t be trusted not to burn things, it might be easier to buy takeaway. This will set you back about a fiver a head though, so it’s a pretty good option if you’re planning a dinner party and can’t be bothered with cooking. Just pretend you whipped it up yourself.

The Kitchen – New Kings Road, Parsons Green

Photo of beater and eggs by Steve Wampler

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