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London Art Fair & Islington Accomodations

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Are you planning to attend the 25th Art fair, & can’t figure out where to find accommodation in Islington? Read on…

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Art lovers from all over the world will be soon heading towards London since the prestigious Art fair is scheduled to take place between 16th – 20th of January, 2013. Over 100 galleries from across the world display their art each year and some of the most renowned artists’ works are exhibited at this popular art event in the city. The Fair consists of a well-coordinated set of events that include tours, discussions, and other related programs, scheduled back to back to create a full spectrum. The Fair displays Modern British Art, mostly post-war era along with contemporary art, and you can look forward to picking up good pieces at very reasonable price, though there will be those by renowned artists, selling at some hundred thousand. The visitors to this event generally search for reasonable Islington accommodations that are conveniently located as well as comfortable. To help you find an ideal accommodation, we give below the details of the two best rated Islington accommodations:

Jury’s Inn Islington, London – The Jury’s Inn Islington is conveniently located in the heart of this great city, in an upmarket area, very close to the business hub of the city & fashionable district that boasts of numerous art galleries, museums, restaurants & cafes. It is a good choice for business and leisure trips as you can easily reach it by train, the Underground or Eurostar and is quite. For the Art fair too, this hotel offers, unmatched convenience and elegant comfort that too at very reasonable rates. The hotel’s fresh feel and the comfortable rooms & suites would help you unwind after a busy day and rejuvenate for the following day’s events. Great food & drinks at the Inn Pub, on-call laundry service, wireless connectivity make this a great choice for the Art Fair, 2013 enthusiasts.

The Luxury Inn, London – Another great accommodation option for the London Art Fair is The Luxury Inn which offers unmatched comfort & luxury and is easily accessed from Highbury and, Islington underground stations. The convenient location of this Bread & Breakfast along with innovative homely service makes this a popular choice. The beautiful decor of the rooms and the lounges offer unmatched elegance. The communal kitchen is well equipped, and the beautiful garden lets you start your day on a very beautiful note. The Inn offers you complementary wireless internet along with a washing machine, dryer and ironing equipments to take care of your needs. Overall, if you are looking for the comforts of home during your artistic escapade, this Islington accommodation is the perfect choice.

Since the Fair is fast approaching and Islington Accomodations are getting booked every day, you’d better hurry to get your bookings confirmed in your favorite Islington hotel!

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  1. Indonesia hotel Booking @ says:
    January 11th, 2013 at 12:03

    I already post comment on your article about my interest on a art & Photography..

    I am a Arts and Photography lover. I have a lot of collections. Within 20th i will be come for this Art Fair.

    Any offered hotels services is available there?

    Mayra Victoria

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