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Top-rated Vegetarian Restaurants in Liverpool, UK

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

The restaurant environs in Liverpool, UK, offer all the standard fast food establishments and national chains but the real joy about traveling is to sample the local cuisine of the city or country that you are visiting.

Therefore to really sample that which is truly Liverpool, you need to focus on the locally-owned eateries rather than the fast food spots and the national chains. This is especially true if your preference is vegetarian. It may seem a uphill task to find a decent restaurant that serves vegetarian delights but listed below are some of the top recommended vegetarian eateries in all of Liverpool.

1. Green Fish Café

Ovo, lacto, and Vegan-friendly restaurant

Breakfast is served until noon. After that the full menu is available. This is one of the busier vegetarian eateries in the city, so be prepared for a wait whenever you decide to come sample the varied menu. The menu includes items baked potatoes, curry, humous, roasted vegetables, salads, soya chili, and much more.

2. Next to Nowhere

English Vegan cuisine

Volunteers from the Merseyside region operate this radical social establishment featuring a kitchen space for providing an all Vegan veggie cuisine. It is also considered a non-profit establishment as well. One thing you will immediately notice is the abundance of political materials on animal rights.

3. Soupernatural

Fast-food, salad bar, and take-out venue that is ovo, lacto, and Vegan-friendly.

This is primarily a breakfast and lunch vegetarian eatery featuring salads, sandwiches and usually 4-5 different soups on the menu. Soya milk is the beverage of choice and despite the take-out venue, there are a few tables inside where you can enjoy your meal if you choose.

4. The Egg Café

Ovo, lacto, Vegan-friendly restaurant

This restaurant usually offers a couple of different soups each day and offers you a casual relaxed setting to enjoy a meal in. There are typically 3 daily specials, one of which is always Vegan, with a Sunday Vegan roast afternoon special.

5. Green Days Café

Ovo, lacto, and Vegan-friendly, but not 100% vegetarian food

The food served is additive and preservative-free and targets the pescatarian tastes as well as the vegetarian. Three fish dishes are featured on the menu with nearly 30 vegetarian dishes so you are bound to find something to satiate your palette.

Photo by D. [SansPretentionAucun e] (•̪●) ✪

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  1. ben says:
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    addresses would have been usefull . where do i find these great eateries

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