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Live Music Venues in Vienna

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

There are a lot of reasons that international travelers visit Vienna. Vienna is not only Austria’s capital, it is the country’s largest city. The city is known for being Austria’s cultural, economic, and political center but for the international traveler it’s the architecture, art, cross-cultures, and history that hold the allure for the tourist. And let’s not forget the cuisine.

Decemberists in Vienna

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Despite all of the above, there is another key reason why so many Austrian residents and tourists visit the city – the live music venues in Vienna. The following is a list of the best live music venues in the city that you should try to catch whenever visiting Vienna:

Elysium – considered being the hottest live music venue in the city. It is situated in Vienna’s historical catacombs and is touted as the city’s hippest nightlife spot. There are 3 different dance floors for disco, house, and Latino music venues. There are a number of bars, a cocktail lounge filled with classy looking couches to relax on, and an enormous pool.

Mon Ami – features a great bar with private party amenities and pre-drinking gatherings. There are great snacks and soups available, but the homemade sandwiches that are served every Wednesday make that the best day to visit if you want a filling meal. DJ’s and live bands provide the music most nights of the week.

Kunsthallencafé – by day, this is a great place to be enjoying a latte as the first rays of the sun are coming out. “Chill-out” and live music are the ticket here but there are a few bars and a great restaurant that features an interesting yet tasty combination menu of Asian-Austrian-Mediterranean entrées.

Sargfabrik – this is an interesting attraction as it features a number of different venues. This is Vienna’s largest cultural center and self-governed community complete with apartments (or flatsas the locals call them), a bar-café-restaurant, a concert hall, and a meeting hall. Both their cultural events and their live concerts are well worth taking in when you visit Vienna.

Wiener Kursalon – two years of restoration paid off where this venue is concerned making it an excellent rendezvous spot for those who want to enjoy great concerts in exclusive décor and surroundings. This was the birthplace of the Strauss brothers’ Promenade Concerts which made it the best meeting place for the Viennese well-to-do.

Orangerie Schönbrunn – built between 1754 and 1755, residents of Vienna were often treated to live concerts conducted by the great Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This is Vienna’s largest Baroque structure and the second largest in Europe behind the Versailles Palace.

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