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Made in Italy: Lazio Tourism. The Other Side of Rome

Saturday, April 26th, 2014

Situated in central Italy, Lazio is a diverse area with low-lying sandy beaches, groups of mountains, lakes, hot springs, culture and food, this region can be visited at any time of the year. With an abundance of things to see and do for visitors, Lazio has become an attractive holiday destination over the recent years, especially among families.

Lazio countryside(photo by: Daniel Nascimiento)


Being within a commutable distance with many tourist-friendly locations in and around the area, visitors to Lazio have a wide rage of amazing beaches at their disposal. It is a case of take your pick when choosing a beach since there are local ones around the area and bigger ones if you are willing to travel a little bit. Lazio has six popular beaches, Sperlonga, Anzio, Sabaudia, Circeo, Gaeta and the islands of Ventotene and Ponza.


Lazio is covered by woodland and includes six splendid volcano lakes, Bracciano, Bolsena, Nemi, Albano, and Lake Vico. These lakes are bathing destinations with several water sports such as hiking, canoeing, horse riding and cycling tours as well as bird watching. You can spend one day or two in these lakes as you enjoy your holiday.


Apennine Mountains, mount Terminillo or Campo Staffi offer tourist walk in the wilderness and beautiful, primeval nature, with views of vast panorama and rare beauty. They are the most preferred skiing resort destinations from Rome.

Hot springs

Lazio’s volcanic origin led to the formation of a wealth of thermal baths, with the most famous in Tivoli, Viterbo and Fiuggi, one of the most crucial hydrotherapeutic centers in Italy. You can relax at one of these thermal spas and springs during your holiday.

Culture and art

Leaving Rome the capital of Roman Empire, every area of Lazio has its own distinguishing feature. To the north province of Viterbo, Tuscia preserves the richest archeological rests and cultural heritage of Italy. Lazio region is scattered with medieval villages, Etruscan necropolises, splendid renaissance villas and castles. Visit the city of Tivoli to see many different instances of roman culture and architecture that are still present in the area.

Food and wine

Cuisine in Lazio and Rome is among the most popular food in Italy and is mainly based on local products. Vegetables and pulses are the most used food. Artichokes are typical for the Lazio region, and are prepared in form of fried alla Giudia or alla Romana. The obvious food includes famous Bruschette, toasted bread slices seasoned with various ingredients. Pasta dishes include famous, carbonara, amatriciana and classic gnocchi. Tuscia brings Est! Est!! Est!!! as an excellent wine. While Castelli Romani wines is indisputably the most used in Rome.

Visit the area to experience the joy of Lazio first hand. Book an accommodation in Lazio countryside hotels, Italy to help you explore and have holiday filled with fan.


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