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Pubs and Cocktail Bars in Lake Geneva

Friday, June 21st, 2013

One of the largest lakes in Western Europe is Lake Geneva and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire European continent.  It is situated on the border of France and Switzerland, and fed by the Rhone River.  There are a number of cities and ski resorts set on the shores of Lake Geneva, with Geneva being the largest of all.  All of them are enjoyed by international travelers and locals alike, but for all practical purposes, Geneva is the hub of activity where pubs and cocktail bars in Lake Geneva is concerned.

The following is a list of the most recommended pubs and cocktail bars to consider when you are visiting the Lake Geneva area:

Les Brasseurs – this is one of Geneva’s few pubs that produce their own home brews and there are three tasty ones to enjoy.  The pub offers a small food menu but out back is a full restaurant so you can enjoy your entire evening here with great beer and great food.

Pickwicks – of the half-dozen or so British style pubs in the Lake Geneva area, this is by far the most popular one of the bunch.  It is a laid-back atmosphere filled with enthusiastic football (soccer) fans that typically enjoy a plateful of fish and chips before the evening ends.  It’s also a great spot for burgers and you can enjoy some low-key dancing to disco and pop music.

Alhambar – by far, this is the swankiest of the cocktail bars in the area.  It is situated atop the Alhambra Theater and a great destination one the evening performances have finished.  There is usually a DJ and on weekends, there is an excellent brunch that you can enjoy as late as 2 pm.

La Clémence – one of the coziest little bars near the lake, it is located in Old Town Geneva’s Central Square.  From April until October, the place is converted into a huge terrace.

Spring Brothers Puba classic Irish pub located in Old Town Geneva.  It’s a comfortable and friendly venue.  Naturally, Guinness is always on tap but you can also enjoy freshly prepared hot sandwiches, snacks,  as well as sweets.

Moloko Bar – this second-floor smoke-filled bar is a popular hangout for the younger crowd of Geneva and surrounding area locals.  The beer is cheap and the place is always crowded and noisy so be prepared when you venture into this establishment.

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