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Made in Italy: Keith Haring Mural in Pisa

Saturday, February 15th, 2014

Pisa is a realm of culture, artwork and architecture. From the Leaning Tower to the Churches of Santo Stefano dei Cavalieri and San Nicola, the variety of sights is enough to sustain even the most glutinous of historians. Partially occupied by museums and art galleries, the city centre is a labyrinth of amazement and intrigue. Alleyways portray the emotions of gifted underground creators and the cleaner exterior of the city displays many more fine examples of vision and passion, many of which are world famous.

Pisa Italy(photo by: Emanuele)

This amazing Italian city is also home to the Mural of Kieth Haring. This American artist was born in the late 1950′s and spent many of his early years lacing subways with his visual masterpieces. Originally projected onto blank billboards with speedy execution, Haring’s pieces resembled many of the ideologies associated with hip hop culture. By the 1980′s, Haring’s talent was recognised on a global platform and he had begun conducting exhibitions in many American States.

Kieth Haring’s mural in Pisa was a piece that happened by chance when he was met by a student on a New York street. Once he was in Pisa, he derived inspiration from the general tone of the city and even compromised his own style slightly by diluting the violent edge of his colour choices. The piece itself is very large and occupies 180 square metres of the exterior wall of the Church of St Anthony. The piece represents peace and tranquility within mankind and each figure represents something positive about the human psyche.

The mural by Kieth Haring is a truly sublime piece of work and can be enjoyed by anyone residing in cheap hotels in Pisa, Italy. Entitled ‘Tuttomondo’, this piece reflects Haring’s desire to constantly interact with the public. This emotion is demonstrated by a yellow figure at the bottom of the piece which appears to be jogging next to a passer by.


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