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Sleep in a Jumbo Jet!

Monday, August 18th, 2014

When I first heard of Jumbo Stay, I knew that this would be a hotel that’s perfect for me. If like me you’re a fan of the unusual and interesting, then the chance to sleep aboard a real Jumbo is certain to appeal. The Jumbo Stay Hostel is based at Arlanda International Airport just outside Stockholm in Sweden, and this converted 1976 747-212B Jumbo jet has turned into one of the city’s most exciting attractions.

Jumbo Stay Hostel

Welcome Aboard!

At first, I couldn’t really imagine how the Jumbo Stay Hostel would work, but then I saw some photographs and videos and I was hooked. This superb jet has been beautifully converted into 27 rooms that can sleep 76, and there is even a luxury suite. Of course, that’s the one that I would choose – the plane’s cockpit has been transformed with cool fittings, en suite and modern facilities, but it still has some of the original features. It’s easy to imagine being in charge of this magnificent Queen of the Sky with the controls right there, and panoramic views of the airport add to its extraordinary ambience .

Jumbo Stay Hostel

Why choose Jumbo Stay?

If I had to catch a connecting flight or if I was flying early in the morning, I’d certainly plan a stay on this jet. There is a conference room that can be used by business travellers, and it’s a smart place to hold meetings while waiting for your flight or before venturing into Stockholm. The Jumbo Stay Hostel is a surprising and exciting venue for anniversaries or birthdays, in case anyone wants to buy me a really excellent gift! The bar is open all day and there is a cafe that serves snacks and drinks, and I would be first in line to visit the left wing observation deck to see just what it feels like to stand on the wing of a real Jumbo Jet.

Jumbo Stay Hostel

I’m planning to visit Sweden soon, and you can count on me booking a stay for the night before my return flight – in the cockpit suite of course!

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