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How/Where to See Japanese Cherry Blossoms

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

No visit to Japan in the spring season would be complete without treating your eyes to the much-fabled cherry blossom flowers. Philosophically considered as a great symbol of hope and a metaphor for the temporal nature of life, these delicate flowers that don’t last for more than a week can be spotted in many stunning locations in the country.

cherry blossom(photo by: mirei24)

In Japan, flower viewing or Hanami is a tradition that dates back to the late 8th century. Known as Sakura in Japanese, cherry blossom flowers begin to appear right from January. Although the exact timing of the blooming is very unpredictable, the months between March and April are highly recommended to soak up the grandeur of cherry blossoms in all their glories. Kyoto, the historical city, is one such place where you can lavishly find these delicate bell-like pink beauties.

Maruyama Park in Kyoto is very famous for its expansive cherry trees that blossom from early March to late April. The cherry blossom flowers in this oldest park of the city are best viewed in the night, as the trees are illuminated. Don’t miss to behold the impressive vista of cherry blossoms on both sides of the Philosopher’s Path that extends from the historical temple Ginkakuji to the beautiful neighbourhood of Nanzenji in Kyoto.

Arashiyama is another stunning region in the city where you can view these pretty flowers. During the peak blooming period, the flowers are spread profusely over the region, especially from O-i-gawa river bank to Kameyama Park, and from the bridge of Togetsukyo to Arashiyama-Nakanoshima Park. Katsura-gawa River and Tenryu-ji Temple are other must-visit places in the region for a memorable springtime stroll amidst these gorgeous flowers.

The precincts of Daigo-ji Temple is one of the most fabulous spots in southeastern Kyoto to view cherry blossoms. The centuries-old garden of Sanpo-in-teien, with its gorgeous waterfall and an island, attracts scores of tourists and locals alike for viewing the marvellous cherry blossoms. For a cosy stay, you can find plenty of Kyoto hotels, Japan, nearby these hotspots to enjoy your Hanami to the fullest. So, when are you heading to see these lovelies?


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