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Jack Kerouac Made These San Francisco Spots Famous

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

Known for his spontaneous style of writing, he wrote numerous captivating books such as, “On the road”, “The subterranean”, “Desolation angels” and “A dozen more”, Jack Kerouac indeed has his place in history. Jack was known to hang out in certain places in San Francisco and sometimes writing on events that happened while he was there, thereby making them very popular. Apart from his creative style, jack Kerouac was known to travel extensively through his spontaneous road trips, visiting various green hotels in San Francisco which greatly contributed to the main themes in most of his famous works. ‘Frisco’ as Kerouac dared to call it has some of the most popular spots that gained popularity as a result of Kerouac’s influence.

Jack Kerouac(foto: Debaird)

The beat museum

This was founded in 2006. It is filled with paintings as well as pictures of Jack. At this museum, you can enjoy all the old film footage available as well as loads of literature about the era’s successful artists, musicians as well as writers.

The six gallery

This performance space is situated at 3119 Fillmore Street. Jack Kerouac was here in October 1955.

Vesuvio café

Often lit by tiffany lamps and several old photos, this is a bar that is quite well-preserved. It is located at 255 Colombus Avenue. Kerouac made it famous by drinking here. It was one of his favorite bars and even has a cocktail named after him; the Kerouac.

Caffe Mediterraneum, Berkeley

Kerouac was known as a regular at this outdoor café which is located at 2475 Telegraph Avenue.

City lights bookstore

This was opened in 1953 by a famous publisher called Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

Jack Kerouac alley

This is a popular shortcut located between North Beach and China Town. It is located between the legendary Vesuvio café and the landmark City Lights Bookstore. Filled with decorative lampposts and poetry from both the western and eastern cultures, it is another monument made famous by Kerouac’s influence. This sixty -foot long one-way alley was a common hang out for Kerouac in his days.

San Francisco is known to be a city of the rebels and romantics. A visit to San Francisco would not be complete without seeing these famous spots.


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