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Local Italy Tip – Hidden Small Town Festivals Worth Visiting

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

Italians love to cook up a storm; they showcase food and do it in style in small town food festivals.

In rural Italy, Italians organise food festivals called sagra (plural sagre) to celebrate the bounty of the earth by cooking foods whose ingredients are a plenty during the season, or the speciality of the area for people from far and wide to celebrate with them.

Sample Italian Home Cooking at Local Sagre or Food Festivals
Any number of different food festivals can be happening all over Italy at the same time to showcase any food from wine, pasta, olive oil, cheese, vegetables, fish, beef and any number of fresh food that will draw food lovers any time. Other than food tourism, visitors to Italy will also get a chance to mingle with local people in small rural towns where the culture is still authentic. This fall, take the time to enjoy food at the sagre outlined below.

Italian food festivals - sagre
(photo by: Francesco Zaia)

Sagra dell’Arancino
Arancino is fried rice balls in Italian. This is a succulent dish made of rice balls, mixed with cheese, eggs and spices rolled in breadcrumbs. It is a specialty from Sicily. Italian food enthusiasts can come and enjoy this sagra at the Aci Castello in Catania Italy on the 6th to 8th September 2013.

Sagra Festa delle bontà di Bufala
This is any food that has been made using buffalo milk. Buffalo milk comes from the domestic water buffalo and is quite a tasty ingredient in some Italian foods like buffalo mozzarella, a creamy cheese made from unpasteurised milk or buffalo milk butter. The sagra festa delle bonta di bufala in Albernella, Salerno Italy on the 6th to 14th August is a must attend food festival for all who love this delicacies.

Fine Accommodation Near the Sagre
While attending the sagre in Catania and Salerno, stay at world class hotels with spacious rooms and facilities fit for food enthusiasts. Do try the Sheraton Catania Hotel & Conference Centre in Cannizzaro, Catania and the Hotel Castello dei Principi - Paestum, Capaccio. The hotels are elegant, well maintained to high standards with efficient service.


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