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Top 3 Italian Football Stadiums

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

If you’re a football fan planning a trip to Italy you may want to visit the three sport venues listed below:

Stadio Olimpico, Rome

1. San Siro – Milan

There’s no where like this in the whole world. The home of two of the biggest football clubs, Inter Milan and AC Milan, The Stadio Giuseppe Meazza di San Siro, as it’s fully known, is proud to boast one of the best atmospheres in any stadium in the world. On a usual weekend in the ground you will be glared at by flares, flags and fans of all ages. It is a real sight to be seen.

Originally opened in 1926, it has always prided itself on packing in the crowds. Before the age of all-seated stadiums, it reached a peak of 150,000 in the 1940s. Nowadays it seats around 85,000, with Inter fans one weekend and Milan fans the next. The steep arrangement of the seats and the closeness to the pitch make the San Siro one of the most electric places to watch a football game and the likes of the great 2006 clash between the two Milan football teams that ended 4-3 to Inter are proof of such.

2. Stadio Olimpico – Rome

There have been some pretty historic moments in the great Olimpico, which is home to the great Roman clubs AS Roma and Lazio. Built in 1952, the stadium quickly found itself at the forefront of the world when it housed the 1960 Olympic Games. The 72,000 capacity is adorned with a wide circular roof and stands that stretch back as one rather than in blocks of tiers. The running track around the touch line sometimes makes for some distance between fan and player, but the atmosphere isn’t deterred by such and every weekend the locals around Lazio Via di Santa Cornelia are more than aware of a game being played. It was also the site of much of the 1990 World Cup including the final.

3. Stadio Delle Alpi – Turin

More former that current, it’s fair to say that the home of the great Italian teams Juventus and Torino was not the most loved of places to watch a football match. The reason it’s being talked about in the past tense is because it’s closed for business now, having only lasted 18 years. Those 18 years were quite something though which is why it’s getting mentioned here.

Although it always guaranteed some of the finest standards of play and is worth a mention for being such an ambitious project, the view was never the best in the world and it was a bit of a white elephant. In the late eighties the previous stadium in Turin was the Stadio Comunale but with the World Cup looming and the size not being big enough, a new ground was needed so the Delle Alpi was rushed into production. Home fans got the best seats and therefore the best views but guests at the stadium often complained about the poor visibility.

Photo of football game at Stadio Olimpico, Rome, Italy by lazymood

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4 responses to “Top 3 Italian Football Stadiums”

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  1. Mike Coyle says:
    March 22nd, 2009 at 13:00

    The San Siro is something else I agree. I have been to a couple of matches there – Inter v Empoli in 1999 (5-1) and AC Milan v Roma in 2006 (2-1). Electric atmosphere. One tip. Don’t sit at the very back in the 3rd tier! We couldn’t see much of the game.
    In 1997 I went with my brother to the Roma v Lazio derby at the Stadio Olimpico. It was quite intimidating. Sat with the Roma fans in the ‘curva’. Roma lost 2-0. Plenty of police around checking tickets etc well before we reached the stadium gates. Still enjoyable though.
    I live in Turin but never managed to see a game at the Stadio delle Alpi. Looking forward to the new English style stadium they are now building. I think it will be ready for 2011.

  2. Rick says:
    March 31st, 2009 at 03:12

    Unfortunately I live too far to see live match in Italy but San Siro looks amazing I hope was there someday.

  3. Louis Price says:
    July 20th, 2010 at 03:47

    avid Football fan in here, Manchester United is my favorite team.:’”

  4. Synthia Hendron says:
    July 19th, 2012 at 13:03

    I am glad to be a visitant of this utter blog ! , thankyou for this rare information! .

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