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Things to see and do in Ireland

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Charles Walker, the eminent British historian said “When God had the angels build a wall around Paradise so that man might thereafter be excluded; I think they forgot about Ireland.” Ireland seems to take one’s breath away by merely being in existence. From the bright lights of the cities to the mystic countryside, the land has the power to speak to the heart and mind of the traveler.

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Ireland’s natural wonders are unlike any other in the British Isles and while there are other things to do, the country’s outdoors give you much to see and do. Here are some of the attractions of Ireland you should not miss:

Blarney Castle and the Stone

There is no denying that the Blarney stone is one of Ireland’s most-visited attractions. Rumored to grant eloquence of speech to anyone who kisses it, the Blarney stone is set in the castle wall and requires you to bend over backwards to kiss it. The castle and its grounds are outside the city of Cork and have seasonal timings. The small fee charged to explore the castle grounds and the surrounding areas will seem a small price for a truly delightful experience.

The Burren

What better way to get away from it all than a trip to Ireland’s quiet countryside. The Burren is a rocky limestone area covers nearly two hundred square kilometers with large rocky patches and an occasional village or house. You could take a cycling or walking tour of the area but if you have the time, head out on your own to experience the tranquil beauty of the Burren.  A network of limestone caves, ancient tombs and underground rivers are a treat if you enjoy the adventure of a little exploration.

The Great Literary Pub Crawl

Dublin’s great pub crawl is legendary enough to attract a fan following from all over the world. While pubs may conjure up images of intoxication anywhere else in the world, here, pubs are known for their brew and conversation. In Dublin, you’ll always find a warm handshake, fine brew and hours of stories at the neighborhood pub. Dublin’s Literary pub crawl lasts about two hours covering the city’s traditional and modern pubs with a reading of prose and poetry from Irish authors. Sometimes, the tour covers the Guinness Storehouse, one of Ireland’s oldest breweries.

Giant’s Causeway

Away from the lights of the city, on the coast lies Giant’s Causeway, a formation of hexagonal basalt columns carved by the sea. Legend has it that this natural formation was a pavement to giants who came from the sea. The action of the sea has formed perfect hexagonal rock formations which even have their own names. A walk in the area will take you about two hours although there’s so much to see, you will surely end up staying longer.

Ireland is a land of mystery and solitude – a place where fairytales are created. So come and see the wonder of the Emerald Isle.


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