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Inside Berlin’s Neighborhoods

Friday, September 27th, 2013

Planning to visit Berlin? Here is a quick guide on some of the best neighborhoods to visit.

Berlin is one location that has had an influx of tourists over the years, and this is for obvious reasons; there are a myriad of locations and attractions to explore, and a variety of scrumptious traditional dishes to sample. Some of Berlin’s most fashionable locations include Mitte, Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain and Prenzlauer Berg – here is a breakdown on what you can expect when you visit any of these areas:

Berlin's neighborhoods(photo by: Jorbasa)

Considered the perfect location for visiting monuments and viewing different landmarks, Mitte is regarded as Berlin’s historical center and is located right at center of Berlin. If you are touring Berlin for the first time, this is the place where you would want to make your first stop. Mitte has a charmingly old atmosphere seen through its striking art galleries, historical buildings and cobblestoned streets. Most of the tourist attraction photos you will find in guide books are taken at this location.

Prenzlauer Berg
Prenzlauer Berg is an upscale Berlin neighborhood mainly occupied by creative professionals. It is one of the trendiest places to live in and has numerous architectural highlights including trendy boutiques, serene cafés and organic restaurants -the lifestyle of the people in this locale is very much inclined towards organic living. Visitors to the area can get hold of some great items available in the flea market every Sunday.

Kreuzberg’s party scene has been thriving since tourists started to frequent the area, and this probably explains why this district stands as Berlin’s most popular neighborhood. This location is especially ideal for those who want to hit the club, meaning it’s a wonderful spot for young travelers looking to have some fun. It’s also a perfect neighborhood for tourists who wish to sample some street art and have a feel of the bohemian lifestyle.

Berlin is a beautiful location with many attractions and things to do; the area is not shot of good hotels either. For some great meals and superior accommodation, travelers can check into any of the many elegant hotels including Hilton Hotel-Berlin and Hotel the Ritz Carlton -Berlin in Mitte. There are also many other first rate hotels in Berlin from which visitors can single out whatever meets their needs.


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