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Top 10 Travel Myths [Infographic]




We’ve all heard myths and urban legends about Big Foot, tested illogical home remedies like using hot water to make ice cubes faster, and have made conservative choices on Friday the 13th, but how many of us have missed out on a travel adventure due to the fear caused by a few travel rumors? Here are some of the biggest urban legends in travel and the facts that debunk them.

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Myth 1: American’s: Tourist Enemy Number 1:

Are American’s really the world’s worst tourists?

FALSE: American’s rank 9th best out of 27 nationalities

○     1st Place: Japanese tourists

○     27th Place: French tourists

○     Side note: Americans were ranked the loudest, but also the biggest tippers


Myth 2: Cruises: Your Money is No Good Once You Step Onboard

FALSE: While water, soda, and meals in the dining hall and buffets are paid for, everything else costs including alcohol, alternative dining, internet access and more.

●     The average cruise traveler spends 50% more than the base fare on additional amenities


Myth 3: Rule 240 = Money Back

If your flight is delayed, the urban legend states that Rule 240 requires the airline to compensate you.

FALSE… kind of: Rule 240 did at one time exist. It was created by the Civil Aeronautics Board. With deregulation though, Rule 240 has been expunged.


Myth 4: Bottled Water is Your New BFF

FALSE: At least 25% of bottled water is simply tap water. So if you are weary of Montezuma’s Revenge while abroad, know that there’s a 25% chance the brand you buy will simply be local tap water anyway.


Myth 5: Your Hotel Key Card Knows More About you Than You Do!

Do hotel key cards contain personal information about you, your money and your stay?

FALSE: This rumor was started by Detective Sergeant Kathryn Jorge of the Pasadena Police. She saw a presentation about fraud techniques indicating this as a possibility, and sent an alarming email in response. The police department had to retract the statements of D.S. Jorge to quell fears.


Myth 6: There’s Money in that Bible

Are evangelicals rewarding you for reading your hotel Bible?

FALSE… for now: There are no reports of this kind of generosity to date, but people keep looking for that crisp $100 tucked into their hotel Bible.


Myth 7: That Phone Call will Crash the Plane

FALSE… kind of: There is potential for a cell phone call to interfere with the plane’s navigation equipment, but the risk is very small

●     Side note: The restriction from the use of other electronic equipment has nothing to do with the plane’s navigation at all. It’s due to a fear of that equipment becoming projectiles in an emergency.


Myth 8: Don’t Flush While You’re Sitting or You’ll Get Stuck to the Seat

FALSE: Flushing while doing your business in an airplane toilet, won’t lead to your rear getting sucked down into the seat… unless you sit in a way that makes a perfect seal

●     Side note: an experiment by flight attendants, found that a whole roll of toilet paper can be sucked through the toilet’s vacuum, even when stretched from the toilet to the flight deck


Myth 9: It’s Your Honeymoon, You Deserve an Upgrade

FALSE: While some hotels might be generous after you book, if you are expecting to score big savings with a honeymoon package, think again. Most honeymoon packages cost the same as a normal stay, but include $5 of rose petals and a $10 bottle of champagne.


Myth 10: Duty Free is Almost Free!

FALSE: Duty Free stores are usually more expensive than buying online or around town.

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