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The Inter Cultural Festival of Hungary 2012

Friday, October 21st, 2011

The Inter-Cultural Festival of Hungary will be held in Gyor, Hungary the 16th and 17th of June in 2012.  It is a gathering of groups and individuals from many nations as well as student organizations who promote their cultures and traditions while displaying the cultural heritage of their countries.  Costumes, dancing, and folk music are the primary bill of faire at the Inter-Cultural Festival of Hungary all of which serves to bring light to gaining a better knowledge of the different cultures of the world.

photo by BermudezLievano

The purpose of the festival is to strengthen cultural awareness through more international contact while at the same time creating cooperative and friendly relationships on a global level.  The festival is open to interested groups who wish to compete and perform professionally as well non-competitive events who wish to display their aspects of their heritage only.  There is no age limit with either group and everyone is allowed to participate if they choose to do so.

Visitors to the Inter-Cultural Festival of Hungary will have the opportunity to listen to academic and folk choirs, choreographic groups, collectives of different genres, folk and modern dance soloists, folk groups, folk and wind ensembles string orchestras and numerous vocal groups.  There is a great deal of socio-cultural as well as tourist promotion.  Visitors have the chance to witness cultures they are not familiar with to understand the differences between them.  International collaboration and friendships oftentimes result.

The Inter-Cultural Festival of Hungary is a platform for popularizing and promoting a variety of contemporary art genres and venues.  The basic task at hand is to integrate and promote these different genres and venues throughout the international art world.  The collection, dissemination, and updating of critical information regarding the contemporary art world.  The intent is to is to develop a critically thought out environment that is totally open-minded and stimulates an interchange between artists and society.

The leader of each competitive or non-competitive group introduces their performing group and their nation of origin and participants are then expected to perform between 10 and 30 minutes on stage in front of a large audience.  Admission and parking to the Inter-Cultural Festival of Hungary is FREE and the driving distance to Gyor from Vienna is 75 miles (121 km) should you rent a vehicle during your time in Hungary.

The city of Gyor also offers ample accommodations for domestic and international travelers who no doubt will enjoy some of the finest hospitality that Hungary has to offer.  Three primary styles of lodging is available and normally costs:

  • €120 ($160) per person at 3-star hotels
  • €100 ($134) per person for youth hostel accommodations
  • € 80 ($107) per person in Pension Houses


Hotels in Gyor

Golden Ball Club Hotel&Fitness-roomGolden Ball Club Hotel&Fitness
Average Price: €50
Average Rating: 6

Rába Hotel-roomRába Hotel
Average Price: €39
Average Rating: 7

Inn Hunyadi Panzió Étterem-roomInn Hunyadi Panzió Étterem
Average Price: €31
Average Rating: 8.1


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