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How to visit Hamburg for Music Lovers

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Hamburg is a wonderful city of music. It is the top town for musicals in Germany and very popular for its musicals in Europe. If you are a music fan and you want to visit Hamburg, you should watch out for one of the lovely musicals in town. You can also get some tickets for some concerts or music shows there.

heisse ecke musical in hamburg

Musicals in Hamburg

A typically German musical is “Ich war noch niemals in New York”, which means in English “I have never been to New York”. It is a famous song in Germany from the German hit singer Udo Juergens. The whole musical is about this popular singer and his powerful German songs. The musical plays on a ship and describes a journey to New York including a lot of funny songs with a perfect cast. It is currently running in the TUI Operettenhaus on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg.

On Hamburg harbour there’s a theatre playing a breathtaking musical called “Der König der Löwen” or better known in English as “The Lion King”. With an excellent stage design and outstanding actors, this musical is a brilliant highlight for the music in Hamburg. These songs are very harmonic and caring to the viewers, and the animal figures seem to be alive and authentic. That makes this musical so original and emotional. Very romantic is the tour to get to the theatre: take a small boat in the harbour to get from the Landungsbruecken to the other side of the river. It takes you directly to the theatre on the opposite side.

The other big musical in Hamburg is “Tarzan” in the “Neue Flora”, a nice and big theatre in the Stresemannstrasse with the impressive music of Phil Collins. The two main actors have been picked out in a TV show in Germany. The stunning cast does a really perfect job and the whole musical is grabbing the attention of the audience. This musical is absolutely fascinating and heart-warming.

A very small but funny musical is the place “Heisse Ecke” of St. Pauli. St. Pauli is one of the districts of the city, which is very close to Hamburg city centre. Every night some actors play some funny little musicals as well as different roles for the audience. This small Snack Bar is a pretty nice and comfortable theatre and that is what makes this place so special and familiar.

Very close to the musical “Der König der Löwen” is the Dinner Show “Palais de Paris” on the Landungsbruecken of St. Pauli. Have an awesome dinner while you watch Louisiana Star, a fantastic show on a steamship. The audience will get impressed by the French flair and outstanding show. I was really captivated by this Dinner Show and the great meal.

Theatre and music venues with an often changing program are the Fliegenden Bauten (Street: Glacischaussee), Schmidts Theater (Street: Spielbudenplatz), Delphi Showpalast (Street: Eimsbütteler Chaussee) and Café Keese (Place: Reeperbahn). You can check out the programs in the Internet to be up to date.

Concerts in town

All popular singers and bands from the whole wide world are performing their shows in the Colour Line Arena, CCH or Alsterdorfer Sporthalle. The biggest and most popular place of them is the Colour Line Arena in the Sylvesterallee of Hamburg. It is not in the city centre of Hamburg, so you need to take the subway, bus or car to get there. The concert hall is in the district “Volkspark” of Hamburg, which is in the north of Hamburg next to the Autobahn A7. This big arena has about 16.000 seats and 70 lodges.

Another good place for concerts and music is the CCH (Congress Center Hamburg). It is not only used for music events, companies are able to have their congresses or meetings there too. This hall is very close to Hamburg city centre, so you can take the subway to get there or just walk about 10 minutes. The Center has different halls in variably sizes. There are about 19 halls with 10.000 seats in this huge building.

a coloured piano in hamburg

The Alsterdorfer Sporthalle is really a big sports hall, but not only used for sport events. With about 7.000 seats accommodates this hall enough room for a big audience. Concerts, exhibitions and other events were present in the sports hall in the district Alsterdorf of Hamburg (Street: Krochmannstrasse). The sound in this hall is amazing for a sports hall, but you can’t compare it with the Colour Line Arena and the CCH. Both places really inspire your senses.

A very nice music place with the Reeperbahn Kiez flair is the “Grosse Freiheit 36” on the Reeperbahn of Hamburg. You can listen to concerts or dance to the music of a party there. In the Grosse Freiheit 36, there are a lot of music events and parties for everyone and the music always has a different style. That depends of course of the music slogan of the party or concert. Even when there is a party, you have to pay an entrance to get in. The entrance ticket for a party will cost you between 5,00€ and 15,00€, but concerts are much more expensive. This awesome music place is directly on the Reeperbahn, but you don’t need to be afraid of the people in the neighbourhood. You can really have a lot of fun in Hamburg and enjoy the music of Life.

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Photo of Heisse Ecke musical in Hamburg by sunchild_dd and a coloured piano in Hamburg by Zanthia.
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