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How to Read Your Hotel Pillow Menu

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Pillow menu refers to a list of pillow choices provided to hotel residents for free. It provides alternatives to guests in regards to pillow choice. Common pillow choices include the Memory foam and Hypoallergenic pillow. Pillow menus are normally offered in hotels to provide solutions to conditions such as headaches or stress.

how to read pillow menus(photo by: Kristopha Hohn)

Rest and sleep are a body’s way of relaxation from physical and mental exhaustion. Most people don’t consider pillows as an important aspect in sleep but researchers claim that pillows are used to bring a sense of relaxation and tranquility. Having a good night sleep is very important. Some pillows can improve the quality of rest allowing one to wake up refreshed and nourished. Some of the hotels considered to be the best in such services are Hotel Conrad Chicago and Hotel The Benjamin – New York.

Raging rooftops, palace en-suits, glorious spas – the list of reasons we visit hotels is endless. But at the end of the day, the main reason for choosing a hotel is sleep. If a hotel does not deliver on restful and dreamy nights then it becomes a bore. But there are those that are soothing like the Hotel Conrad Chicago which will have you looking forward to bedtime. They provide pillows for every mood and occasion depending on what you want for example the water-filled pillows. It positions the head and neck naturally for instant relief of head ache and neck pain.

The Hotel Benjamin – New York is popular for its Sleep Program & Sleep Concierge that features an extensive Pillow Menu and bedtime snacks. An example of the pillows offered here is the anti-snore pillow. It reduces snoring by elevating the chin from the chest thus keeping the airway open. It is best recommended for those sleeping on their back.

In conclusion, it takes a night of discomfort, tossing and turning to highlight the actual significance of the pillow. If used properly can help you to live healthy by ensuring complete body relaxation and calmness. Now, do you believe me when I say there is more to pillows than just pillows?


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