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How to Travel Catalonia by Rail

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Bordered on the east by the Mediterranean, on the north by Andorra and France, on the South by Valencia, and on the west by Aragon, Catalonia sits on the Iberian Peninsula in Spain’s northeastern region along with its capital city of Barcelona.  Catalonia offers the traveler a great deal of cultural diversity as well as some spectacular historical landmarks and one of the best ways to see this part of Spain is by rail.

If you like attractions such as castle ruins on a clifftop, rich red wines, southern Spanish cuisine, stunning mountain landscape, and the surrealistic art of Salvador Dali, then the Catalonia rail tour is the one you want to take. Although there are dozens of others that will take you to Basque Country, Madrid, Valencia, and Zaragoza, this is the first one that you should try if you really want to see what Catalonia is all about.

As you travel, you will probably see attractions and feel more than you have time to photograph or remember.  This includes touring through the Catalan territories, seeing the Cathar castles that dot the hillside landscape, the Chateau de Queribus, the “city of a thousand sieges” (Girona), and Teatre-Museu Dali.  Additionally, there are trains that leave the Catalonian cities of Girona, Lleida, and Tarragona.  There are also a few trains that corss the Pyrenees.

Although the Costa Brava isn’t that well serviced by rail lines, the Costa Daurada is when traveling via Tarragona. FGC (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya) is another Catalan rail line that will transport you to a number of destinations in close proximity to Barcelona along with some notable tourist routes. The company also operates a very steep pair of rail lines up and down the Pyrenees.

The primary 7-day itinerary utilizes the Eurostar rail lines and ventures to Paris from either Ebbsfleet or St. Pancras and on to Perpignan in the northern part of French Catalonia.  After spending the morning of the 2nd day in Perpignan it’s off to Collioure followed by a day’s tour to Figueres on Day 3 and Cerdagne on Day 4.

On the 5th day, you will see Girona and Besalu.  Day 6 involves a full day tour through the towns of Salses, Corbières and Chateau de Queribus.  Just remember that the itinerary may vary from time to time according to current weather conditions and the discretion of the tour manager.

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