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How to Buy the Perfect Luggage

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Are you looking to replace your old luggage with a new one? Technological advancements in the field of luggage manufacturing have made us available a range of products which has made our journey and mobility hassle free. Your perfect luggage should have the following characteristics:

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Durability - Luggage made of fiberglass inner frame, possesses high tensile strength and is light weight. It allows us to pack our clothes and other stuff without any worries.

Fabric - The other deciding factor while buying luggage is the fabric it is made of. Leather, although makes a great luggage in terms of looks but because of it being heavy and also the maintenance it requires, is not preferred in the modern day travelling conditions. Nylon is the most popular fabric and is available in different qualities. Fabric strength is measured in Denier and its unit measurement varies from one country to another. Higher the Denier count, better the fabric strength of the luggage.

Wheels - With the introduction of wheels in luggage, moving from one place to the other has become a cakewalk. Luggage wheels should be made of highly durable material to enable them bear the complete load. Ball bearings in the wheels help reduce the friction thereby increasing the longevity of the same. Swiveling of wheels to 360degree helps in easy maneuvers of the luggage. It helps guide the luggage through the nooks and corners.
Zippers used in the luggage should be of high quality, should cruise on the zipper line or rails as they look liked, without any rattles and bumps. Opening and closing of zippers becomes cumbersome if they have small zipper pullers. Double stitching of the Zippers is a must. Other thing that one should look at is the Handles and straps. They should be comfortable to hold and sturdy enough to bear the weight of the luggage as very often, we need to lift our luggage.

Warranty - Nowadays a lot of manufacturers provide lifetime warranties. One needs to go through the details of the warranty and take absolute clarity from the salesperson on the terms and conditions of the Warranty given. Do not forget to get your warranty card stamped from the respective dealers as it might void the warranty. Last but the most important fact is that when you visit the store don’t get carried away by attractive offers and end up buying luggage which might not fit the standards mentioned above. Stick to your choice and verify every detail regarding the luggage.

Wish you a great buying!

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2 responses to “How to Buy the Perfect Luggage”

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  1. Book cheap Hotels in Australia says:
    January 17th, 2013 at 11:35

    Really nice travel tips….Getting a new quality travel bag during on your vacation is very important. And here sharing tips to check before buying….

    Christian Kylee

  2. Harry Harpin says:
    January 24th, 2013 at 12:17

    Really good tips showing the importance of a high quality suitcase and how to travel efficiently. Big thumbs up to the blogger!

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