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Made in Italy: How (and when) to Order Coffee in Italy

Saturday, March 15th, 2014

There’s nothing more amazing than having a cup of coffee in Italy. This country is like the birthplace of coffee; it’s where you get to drink coffee with the true connoisseurs. However, before you get all excited and start asking for a ‘caffè con latte’ or ‘espresso’ on your next trip to Italy, it’s good to take a little time to learn when and how to order the drink.

coffee in Italy(photo by: cyclonebill)

Placing Your Order

With close to 30 espressos sold in most Italian shops, making the right order may be much harder than finding a good coffee bar. If you ask for a ‘latte’ for example, you would get hot milk and not the typical American or British latte you would expect. What you would want to go for in this case therefore is a ‘caffellatte’ or a ‘caffè macchiato.’

To have the American style coffee, a ‘caffè Americano’ would be the ideal beverage to ask for but if you prefer the equivalent of an espresso, ordering for a ‘caffè (espresso)’ should leave you happy and smiling. Caffè shakerato is iced coffee, and this is something you would want to order when it’s all warm outside considering it is coffee shaken with a bit of ice and sugar.

When to Take Your Coffee

Italians generally take milk-based coffee before they head to work. Hence, if you walk into a coffee bar at 2:00 in the afternoon and order for caffellatte, you will definitely get a funny look. You wouldn’t want the locals to think of you as an ill-mannered tourist; so, if you must take coffee in Italy, be sure to do it when the locals do.

This also applies to clearing your bill. Sometimes, you may not be sure whether to pay first, or after. In such instances, you should simply look around, see what everyone else does, and do the same.

Remember, you need to keep it Italian all the way. While at it, be sure to also look out for the hotels with free breakfast in Naples, Italy – Naples is in fact the real birthplace of Italian coffee. No one would want to miss out on such great experience now, would they?


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