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Enjoy Bastille Day while staying at Hotel Alison

Saturday, June 15th, 2013

Looking for a first-rate hotel in which to eat out in Paris? Well, look no further. Hotel Alison will offer what you need and more!

Located in the north of France on river Seine, Paris is one populous and lively city, which certainly provides a great getaway place for both business and leisure travelers. If you are planning to visit this region, then one of the best locations in which you can get great accommodation and food is the Hotel Alison. In this hotel, you can be confident to find the best service seeing as the business primarily focuses on ensuring total satisfaction of each and every customer.

Paris, France

(photo: y.caradec)

What Customers Say About Hotel Alison

‘Very nice hotel. We will visit again. Perfect location.’

‘Was especially impressed by the manager’s ability to get dinner reservation for me upon my arrival at 22:00 and at a fascinating restaurant with excellent food. Managers were always very helpful and competent.’

It’s pretty obvious that customers to this establishment are always content with the services; thus, you can be confident to be served in the very same manner on your visit. So, why not go ahead and check out the place at ? You can even opt to make your reservation at Hotel Alison early so that you do not miss a spot on Bastille Day; you do not want to be left out in the enjoyment!

Paris, France

Why You Should Choose Hotel Alison
When you are looking to get meals or accommodation in a hotel, you want to be received warmly, and you also want all your needs to be handled with utmost keenness. Besides, you do not want to go to just any place; you want a hotel with great ambiance, amicable staff and of course -great food. This is precisely what you can be sure to get by making your bookings at Hotel Alison.

Bastille Day is such a great day and spending it in an equally great hotel such as Alison Hotel will definitely make your effort worthwhile. You would rather not get yourself stressed trying to figure out what meal to make for your family on a holiday like this, it’s much better to head out and have some scrumptious food and fun at Alison Hotel.

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