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Hotels Where Michael Jackson Has Stayed

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

If you are a great fan of Michael Jackson, you may want to visit some of the high quality hotels that he encountered during his long and successful career. Michael visited some of the worlds best hotels and left a lasting mark on some. Here is a few of the most famous places that Michael has visited.

hotels where michael Jackson has stayed(photo by: Francexco)

Hotel Adlon Kempinski – Berlin

This is the location of one of the most famous hotel incidents that were part of Michael’s career. We all remember the time when Michael dangled his son over the balcony at the Adlon Kempinski hotel in Berlin. He was there to accept an award for all the work he did for children, but ended making the news for a very different reason.

Hotel Jumeirah Carlton Tower – London

This hotel is probably one of the most refined hotels found in the centre of London. Michael payed a famous visit to London to deal with an unfortunate debt that had been created. It would seem that the stress of the situation led Michael to need some alone time with some children’s toys and a boat load of sweets. We all need to kick back sometimes don’t we?

Hotel Burj Al-Arab – Dubai

Do you like spicy buffalo wings? Well Michael certainly must have! If you were to have the privilege to stay in this magnificent hotel in Dubai, you would be taken away by the luxury of the establishment. Well Michael was not here for the luxury or the wonderful city, he was simply there to get a taste of his favourite spicy buffalo wings. Why not give them a try?

If you are a fan of Michael and would like to pay homage to some of these destinations, don’t feel the above is an exhaustive list. Wherever Michael went, he took the media and an army of followers, be sure to check out some of the other great destinations too. So what are you waiting for? Fill your iPod with some of his greatest hits and relive the musical history of the legend that is Michael Jackson.

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