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Most Popular Places for Hot Chocolate in New York

Friday, November 16th, 2012

Winters are officially here and that means it’s time to savor as much hot chocolate as you can. If you’re in New York and are tired of sipping hot chocolate at overcrowded and commercialized cafes, here is a list of some quaint, cost effective cafes that serve delicious hot chocolate that is sure to please you any time of the day.

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Joe The Art of Coffee – If you’re in Columbus Avenue and suddenly find yourself craving hot chocolate, head straight to Joe The Art of Coffee. This tiny cafe is warm and welcoming, and prepares hot cocoa that you would never be able to forget. What the place lacks in space, it makes up for in its tasty treats that go well with the hot chocolate.

Vosges Haut-Chocolat (SoHo and Madison Avenue) – A brain child of famous chocolatier Katrina Markoff, this cafe has will present your tastebuds with flavorful mixes that would please all your senses. The hot chocolate made at this popular cafe is served in a tall, slender glass and is a perfect winter day companion. Love white chocolate? Vosges Haut-Chocolat is one of the few places in New York that knows how to handle white chocolate well.

City Bakery – When you’re craving rich hot chocolate, complete with marshmallows, that you want to savor when resting your head on a fluffy pillow, head straight to City Bakery, a cafe situated north of Union Square. The very bustling two-level cafe also serves homemade pastries and a selection of gourmet salads to go with the hot chocolate.

Chocolate Bar (West Village) – Chocolate Bar’s hot chocolate is thick, rich and very luscious. It is the perfect comfort drink for a bitter cold day. You can pick a flavor for your hot chocolate that has a bittersweet taste, just what the drink is supposed to have. Here is something else that makes the cafe interesting – it is pet friendly. So Chocolate Bar is the perfect hangout place for grown ups, kids and doggies.

When you’re in NYC and looking for a place to drink yummy hot chocolate, there are quite a few viable options. New Yorkers love their hot cocoa and the city’s cafes never disappoint!

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