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Not-to-Miss Nighttime Flea Markets in Hong Kong

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

If you require a taste of adventure when you travel internationally, you should consider some of the nighttime flea markets in Hong Kong.  These are the perfect illustration of the local culture as each of the markets listed here has its own unique charm and contain some hidden treasures worth purchasing.  You’ll find all types of consumer goods but more importantly, you can haggle for a better price at every one of them.

photo by Cheung Fun

Ladies Market – without a doubt, this is the most famous market in Hong Kong and a perfect example of the hustle and bustle you would experience in a Chinese street market.  Despite the name, men’s clothing is available here as well as a wide variety of inexpensive Chinese curios.


Temple Street Market – gadgets, second-hand cellular phones, and smaller consumer electronics comprise the majority of the inventory at this nighttime market venue.  Numerous street food vendors set up shop here in the evenings to accommodate the hungry shoppers that visit this establishment.


Stanley Market – this market should be called “Hong Kong Night Market Shopping for Beginners” as it is a great place to get your education in street market shopping.  It caters to the souvenir-hunting tourist but without the rough and tumble atmosphere of many street markets and the hard core negotiating that is conducted in them.


Business Card Market – this venue is a single lane crowded with numerous business card vendors.  You can provide the seller you choose with your logo and business card design or they will design and develop one for you.  You’ll be able to pick up the finished product within 24 to 48 hours.


Cat Street – opinions vary where this market venue is concerned with some feeling that it is one gigantic flea market while others claim that it is a treasure trove filled with some outstanding antiques at great values.  Despite the fact that many items were recently manufactured in nearby Guangdong, you will find everything from coins to jade to colorful Chinese posters.


Wan Chai Street Market – one of Hong Kong’s largest outdoor or street markets, Wan Chai sells a wide range of everything from children’s toys to Chinese clothing.  A more accurate and fitting description of this market would be a gigantic, discount department store.  It is a favorite of the locals because of how reasonably priced everything is.


Golden Shopping Arcade – if you are looking for computers and anything related to them, this is a must-visit venue when vacationing in Hong Kong.  There are literally hundreds of independent shops and with competition being that thick, you can count on finding the best prices here.  Just beware of the fact that the sellers tend to be very aggressive.


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  1. Anjeeta says:
    September 29th, 2011 at 10:22

    Anita, I currently live in Hong Kong and these markets that you have mentioned are not flea markets but regular retail markets. A better description of these would be ‘street-markets’.

  2. Flea Market says:
    November 20th, 2011 at 01:41

    Anjeeta says that this is not Night time flea market and it is called street-market.We have to agree with Anjeeta as she lives there.

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