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Home-Brewed Beer Destinations in Europe

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Feeling parched for some adventure and something a tat bit stronger than water and more fun than wine? Maybe it’s time you travel to Europe more specifically to Germany; home to cities that have been devoted to making and drinking beer for hundreds of years. Thirsty and European travel, the perfect combo for a beer adventure, time to hit all those places that have held a stronghold in beer brewing since the middle ages!

Home-brewed beerImage: huwwill

Munich in the days of Oktoberfest
Nowhere in the world the communal warmth is felt more than in the thirty six beer gardens (community gardens) that are home to the sixteen days long toast to Bavaria’s opulent tradition, enticing millions and hatching derivatives and sequels to the fest globally. But, Munich is just one of the innumerable cities where beer has been a part of life and culture since time immemorial; when beer was a safer drink than water. Munich is the festive heart of Germany due to the Oktoberfest.

Amsterdam-more than just that green bottle!
Heineken is an Amsterdam representation, alongside the tradition of tulips, bikes, and canals. The beer prospect goes much further than the pale lager in the green bottle that became a mark or rather an iconic signature on the map by the Dutch. Craft brewers have arisen in the last 25 years or so, improvising on old-fashioned lagers, Belgian-style beers, and bokbiers; a strong malty German brew and establishing their name in the home brewed beer industry. A place for all beer lovers, a beer and the intoxicating scenery of Amsterdam will serve as a visual memory like no other. Treat your senses and raise a beer to that! Germany is just full of beer wonders!

Dublin- home to the Mother’s Milk
Ireland brags many a delightful brew, but none as close and prized to the core of Dublin as the snug firm with the thick creamy crown that is “Guinness”. Everyone and anyone in the city of legal drinking age, has a view on where to get a tipple of the best black stuff (local name). But let us start our beer surprise at St. James’s Gate Brewery; home to Guinness as early as 1759.
The company’s two and a half centuries worth of beer history is displayed for every beer lover to look at; a display of ads and tastes that help make the black stuff a domestic label. A free taster anticipates the first beer lover to venture in to the “Gravity Bar” located on the seventh floor of the brewery. With a beer nestled in your hand with the added flavor of the exotic and comprehensive view of Dublin, is the stuff of legends!


Hotel Nova-roomHotel Nova – Amsterdam
Average Price: €65
Average Rating: 8.3

Golden Leaf Parkhotel im Lehel-roomGolden Leaf Parkhotel im Lehel – Munich
Average Price: €45
Average Rating: 8

St. Aiden's Guesthouse - RoomSt. Aiden’s Guesthouse – Dublin
Average Price: €44
Average Rating: 9.2

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  1. Last Minute Travel Booking (Shalee David) says:
    December 13th, 2012 at 14:32

    I love beer destinations. i think best beer destinations is Canada and U.S. Now i am favor for Europe destinations to enjoy your Beer vacation here…I think Europe is a home of manufacturing beer.

    Thanks for sharing

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