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Getting the most out of the Isle of Cyprus

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

The primary feature of the Isle of Cyprus is the fact that its climate is literally perfect 320 days out of the entire year.  Basically, there is only about a month and a half during the year where you wouldn’t want to visit there.  One of the peak tourist periods is December through February because you would never know you were in the throes of winter there as possibly compared to where you may be living.

Kourion archaeological site in Cyprus

In any event, the Isle of Cyprus is definitely one of the Mediterranean Sea’s ideal vacation destinations.  Golden beaches and historical sites hold most of the allure where international travelers to Cyprus are concerned.  We have taken the liberty to list our recommendations below where things to see and do are involved when visiting the Isle of Cyprus.  If you can swing it, make sure you experience the ones listed here.

Cyprus beaches

There are numerous pristine beaches worth experiencing when you visit the Isle of Cyprus of which Famagusta should be on the top of the list.  In addition to this spectacular beach, other attractions in the area to consider include the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, Lala Mustafa Paşa Mosque, and St. George’s Church.


The capital city of the Isle of Cyprus contains a wealth of culture and history with its Venetian walls that are well preserved and surround the city of Nicosia.  There are excellent bars and restaurants there (too numerous to specify) which offer the locals and visitors a taste of the island’s tasty cuisine as well as entertaining evenings out on the town.


Limassol and the ancient city of Kóurion are definitely the most spectacular archaelogical sites on Cyprus that you can hope to experience.  Be sure to visit the Greco-Roman theater which was originally constructed in the 2nd century BC when touring the city.  Though the Greeks began the construction of this structure, the Romans would eventually finish it.  There are still performances that take place at the theater including anything from ancient dramas to the Shakespearean Summer venue.

Paphos (Aphrodite’s Rock)

According to legend, this is supposedly the spot where the goddess Aphrodite was born from the waves of the Mediterranean Sea.  The rock that commemorates the event is known as “Petra tou Romiou” which translates as the Rock of the Greek.  The turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea are set against white cliffs and surround these two large rocks.

Villa of Dionysus

Situated near Paphos’ harbor is the historical Villa of Dionysus with its magnificently preserved mosaic pavements long considered as being the Mediterranean Sea’s finest examples of such construction.  The Villa of Dionysus is also an excellent example of classical Greek and Roman architectural style.


Being part of te Paralimni Municipality, Protaras is a tourist resort with lovely sandy beaches with crystal-clear waters. Only 10 minutes driving from Protaras, you’ll find Cape Greco, one of the most beautiful spots in the Isle of Cyprus.

Best hotels in Cyprus

Photo by Mikeachim.

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