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Healthy Hotel Food & Where to Get It

Friday, March 21st, 2014

Whether you frequent hotels for business or pleasure, there’s no need to worry about ruining the diet or piling on the pounds anymore. Traditionally seen as high in fat and sugar, choosing from a hotel menu can now be a healthier and more enjoyable experience, thanks to some of the world’s leading hotel chains.

Healthy food in hotels(photo by: Ed Yourdon)

Just a few years ago, you could expect a hotel menu to be low in both nutritional quality as well as options. For those of us who want to ensure every meal we eat is balanced, nutritious and low in fat, eating out at a hotel has always been a minefield. If you want to avoid filling your body with processed food and trans fats, dining out hasn’t always been a pleasure.
Luckily, a number of global hotel chains have listened to their customers’ needs, helping create a fast moving trend across the global hotel industry.

These hotels have realised that patrons want to eat well, without compromising on the finer things in life. Many have begun to offer a wider range of healthy, soul-lifting options utilising organic, local produce. Chefs have also adapted to this trend by adding seasonal food that omits processed elements and further by increasing the diversity of their menu options. Two examples of hotels leading this trend include the Hotel Trump Soho New York – Manhattan, New York and the Hotel Hyatt Paris Madeleine – Paris, demonstrating that this is a truly global movement.

Avoiding unhealthy hotel menus can also be achieved by choosing independent and family run B&B’s that use fresh, local produce. Another sensible option is to stay at a self-catering farm house or cottage. This is the ideal solution for parents who want to be in more control over what they feed their children on holiday.

From organic food to nutritious children’s meals, locally sourced products and the absence of processed foods, some of the best hotels in our major cities are now offering what our bodies are telling us we need. Whilst some hotel menus are stuck in the dark ages, there are balanced, tempting and tasty food choices popping up everywhere from New York to Paris. Where would you rather eat next time you book a hotel?

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3 responses to “Healthy Hotel Food & Where to Get It”

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  1. Paul Johnson says:
    March 23rd, 2014 at 23:20

    Couldn’t agree more with this, one of the most difficult things to do when travelling is to balancing the excitement of trying the local cultural cuisine of where you are with making sure you don’t pack yourself full of overly processed sugary fatty foods!

    I think that your farm house and cottage idea is a good one, although travelling with kids sometimes means they want to hit the fast food from time to time.

    Good to see some of the big chains getting in on the nutritious food bandwagon though :)

  2. Ethel Newman says:
    April 8th, 2014 at 02:35

    I’m so glad that many hotels have participated in this global movement of delivering not only the tastiest and but also the healthiest foods to their customers and I’m hoping, yes I’m hoping, many more will follow suit.

  3. Bailey says:
    October 29th, 2014 at 13:23

    Excellent ideas and advice! I find that when traveling it is easy to fall into that “well, I’m on vacation” attitude and you end up eating a lot, and all the wrong things. I think it is important to be able to indulge a bit during your vacation but it is helpful when hotels and restaurants give you convenient, healthy choices so you can vary your diet between those foods you must try on vacation, and those foods that are actually good for you. If I’m spending quite a bit of money on a hotel, I always check the restaurant before I book to see what reviews it has.

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