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Little Known Sightseeing Spots in Hawaii

Monday, November 21st, 2011

With its natural beauty, sandy beaches, and tranquil waters, Hawaii is truly a tropical paradise filled with many attractions and beautiful landscapes.  Granted, when you visit the islands, there are numerous must-see attractions.  However, what about some of the little known sightseeing spots in Hawaii? There are several which will provide you and your family with numerous memories to take home with you after visiting the islands.  The following are several that dig deeper into the Hawaiian culture and history.

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Garden of the Gods – Keahikawelo is Hawaiian name for the Garden of the Gods and is a remote canyon that contains several boulders and rocks in odd shapes and sizes that are unusually colored.  Many of the locals view this area as a museum commemorating the work of the gods where they used the strong winds to sculpt the rocks into the unique shapes that they are in.  In the mornings, it is one of the most visually stunning landscapes in the island chain as the early morning sunlight brings out the hidden colors within the rocks.

Kaneaki Heiau – one of the little known sightseeing spots in Hawaii is this 15th century Hawaiian temple.  It was built for the benevolent Hawaiian god of agriculture, fertility, and harvest the history of which is nothing short of interesting.  Several renovations in the past have doubled the size of the temple and the temple was recently re-dedicated to Ku, the god of war by King Kamehameha.  It is now the best restored temple on Oahu as it houses an altar, a drum house, sculpted images of the gods, a taboo house, and two additional prayer towers.

KaunakakaiMolokai’s capital city is known as the Friendly Isle Town and the island itself is one of the lesser known and visited islands of the group.  This small town offers a wide range of attractions and sightseeing opportunities despite how laid-back it is.  There is Purdy’s Macadamia Farm which has been around for over 80 years and the Molokai Museum that contains the R.W. Meyer Sugar Mill which was recently restored.  The town is also the home to the Kanemitsu Bakery’s which is well known for producing breads that are famous on a worldwide basis.

The Waikiki Historic Trail – the trail was designed by Dr. George Kanehele, author and historian, and is a walking tour of Waikiki’s culture and history.  This is also a history that is not very well known.  The important sights along the trail are marked by trail markers that look like surfboards and are cast out of bronze.  Such notable sights along the trail include the healing waters of the KaweheweheÍs and the Princess Kaiulani statue.  Another one of the well known sights includes Kuhio Beach Park’s bronze statue of Duke Kahanamoku.


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