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5 Reasons to Stay at the Hard Rock Hotel Thailand

Friday, January 31st, 2014

When you are out on holiday, how well you sleep at night affects what you experience the next day. If you wake up feeling exhausted and with your eyes heavy with sleep, going for an excursion won’t seem a fun idea anymore. Luckily, if you are in Thailand, a stay at Hard Rock Hotel – Pattaya will guarantee you of accommodation that will make every moment of your trip memorable.

Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya(photo by: Ronan Crowley)

1. Unique Ambiance

From the tilted mugs and pillows to the photos of different rock bands on the walls, Hard Rock’s rock themed setting is one of the most outstanding things about it. The décor is neither obtrusive nor overwhelming, but subtle enough to make the atmosphere right for every traveler.

2. Convenient Location

Although there are many hotels in Pattaya, you wouldn’t just settle on any if you aim for convenience. Hard Rock Hotel has not only a beach (Pattaya beach) within the vicinity, but it’s also close to a shopping center and a hospital, in case you need to see a doctor during your stay.

3. Remarkable Amenities

At some point in your holiday, you may want to grab a few drinks, let your hair down and dance to some great music throughout the night. You don’t have to go round the town looking for a place to do this once you check into Hard Rock because everything here is under one roof: a ballroom, a bar, a pool and an awesome night club.

4. Free Internet

If you are one of those travelers who believe a good internet connection is just as important as breakfast, the Hard Rock Hotel will not disappoint. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi; so you can check your mail, post photos or simply get in touch with friends as you please.

5. Great Customer Service

When you go to eat out in a hotel, you want to be welcomed warmly and sometimes, you may want to try out new foods, which means getting help from the servers. Great customer service is something you can be assured of on your visit to Hard Rock, and this is just an added reason why this spot makes a top pick. So why not stop by the Hard Rock Hotel – Pattaya and experience all the little pleasures this beautiful resort has to offer?


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  1. Greg says:
    February 1st, 2014 at 09:47

    Apart from your 5 reasons, I would like to add one that Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya and Hard Rock Cafe Pattaya always come up with great promotions, Live Music Event so you will definitely enjoy your stay.

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