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Best Shopping Malls and Street Markets in Hanoi

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

The capital and second largest city in Vietnam is Hanoi.  It features a fascinating blend of Eastern and Western cultures with a great deal of Chinese influence from the centuries that Vietnam was dominated by China.  It still features architecture from the 1970’s and 1980’s as well as French designed structures from its colonial past.  With the vast modernization and urbanization that the city has been undergoing, it is now one of the most targeted shopping destination in the tourist industry.

photo by Rachel Black

The Malls

Parkson Mall – this is the leading department store chain of Malaysia and is an excellent place to purchase quality clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, shoes, and techy items.  You can also locate some well known international brand names of cosmetics and fashions.  Payment by cash or credit card is accepted in most shops.

Ruby Plaza – this privately owned retail venue is well known for quality diamonds and diamond jewelry of the Doji Group.  The owner of the plaza operates the diamond shop while you will find an excellent salon on the 8th floor of the structure.  The plaza opens from 8:00 am until 9:00 pm seven days a weeks and there are several excellent restaurants located here.

The Markets

Hang Da Market – this 3-story market is one of the most popular in Hanoi because of all the second-hand (previously owned) bags, clothes, and shoes that are for sale here.  Bargaining and negotiating is welcomed by the vendors.  In fact, they expect it so try out your talents where that is concerned.  One way or the other, you are bound to walk away with some excellent values.

Dong Xuan Market – Hanoi’s largest and oldest market venue where cheap items and local products are in plentiful supply.  There are numerous vendors located in the surrounding area of the market where you can purchase some very interesting items.  Warning:  the market is extremely crowded and oftentimes frequented by pickpockets.

HOM Market – one of the older markets in Hanoi, this venue specializes in some extremely unique Vietnamese foods at a cheap price.  Just avoid those foods that appear strange in appearance.  You will also find Hanoi’s largest fabric market here.  You can find just about every color, style, and type of fabric items from China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam.As with the Dong Xuan Market, keep your purse or wallet protected – there are many pickpockets that frequent this market.


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