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How to Have a Great Time at the Harbour of Hamburg

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Old Harbour, Hamburg, Germany

Container ships from oversea

Hamburg is a wonderful harbour city in the north of Germany, which lies directly at the river Elbe. The harbour of Hamburg is internationally very important for its goods, which come from overseas with huge container ships. Those big containers were lift up with a crane and are stored on land, where they will be lift up on a truck for example. It is so amazing to watch this process in the harbour of Hamburg. I can stand there for hours and watch the ships coming in. In these huge cranes is just sitting one person, who is handling one of the amazing cranes. And it looks so easy to put these containers on a truck or on land. Sometimes they lift up container from the ships and on the other day there are ships, which will be filled up with other containers. This big place has a lovely postcard view when the sunset starts.

The companies are starting every year an open day for everyone, where you can look behind the process and of course what’s going on in the companies. The staffs are showing you around and answer questions of the viewers. A lot of working steps will be shown and described.

Barges and Fish Market

When you come closer to the Landungsbruecken of Hamburg, you can watch some cruise liner and barges, which come along the Landungsbruecken. Next to the Landungsbruecken is the popular fish market of Hamburg. You can take a barge to see some nice places of the harbour and be very close to the ships, which lie on the docks. The captain of these barges is describing and explaining the harbour of Hamburg and the historical background very good.

The fish market in Hamburg is right in the harbour in and around the “Fischauktionshalle” of Hamburg. You can buy some excellent and fresh fish there and you can also get yourself some flowers, plants and vegetables. A full arm of plants is very cheap to get and you can bargain about the price. Also fish is very easy to get for a good price there and if you want some more fresh fish, you will get special price for it. The funniest thing about the fish market is that you can get so many things there and every seller is calling around to praise their products to the customer in a very special and funny way. Most of the sellers have this nice Hamburg dialect, which sounds pretty funny to viewers and tourists. You really don’t need to be afraid of them, they just calling to get your attention.

Museum Ships

If you want to visit an old and historical sail ship, you should visit the Rickmer Rickmers at the Landungsbruecken. It is a museum ship on water and you can visit this wonderful ship for 3 Euros. You can walk around and watch everything, which you would like to see. You will also get to know more about the history of this ship and what happens to it. You can also sit down in the comfortable restaurant on board and take a little rest. The view from the ship is very impressive. This ship is over 112 years old and nearly 100 m long.

You can find another museum ship called “Cap San Diego” at the “Ueberseebruecke”. It is an old general cargo ship, where you can take a look around and visit the over 16 davits and two cranes on board. This ship is used for different events in Hamburg, like the legendary Hamburg Harbour Birthday. So if you want to take a little tour with the museum ship, you should take a look at their homepage to find out the dates when the ship is leaving its anchorage.

Hamburg Harbour birthday

In German it is called “Hafengeburtstag” and it is a big event in Hamburg along the beautiful harbour with millions of people celebrating the harbour birthday. Every year around the 8th of May is this awesome event, which is celebrated with a lot of music and good temper. At the beginning of the birthday is a nice church service in the St. Katharinen Church to open the weekend event. On Friday around 3 o’clock is the legendary running-in parade, where nearly all ships of the harbour coming in. This occasion is very breathtaking and absolutely amazing to watch. You should really film this highlight, if you have a video camera. You can see the romantic harbour lights on the water when it is dark outside. There is also a traditionally firework display on Saturday night, which you shouldn’t miss. It is so amazing to watch it and listen to the firework music.

You can take a look at the shops around the Fischauktionshalle, where they sell different kind of stuff and of course something to drink and eat. You can listen to music or take a ride in one of the fast carousels at this place. It is so much fun to visit this event and spend a few hours there.

Nice places for lunch or dinner

An great restaurant in the Hamburg harbour is the restaurant “IndoChine”. The lunch and dinner in this Indonesian restaurant is delicious, but not very cheap. So if you are looking for a cheap restaurant you should better take a look in the restaurant “Hummer Pedersen”. This yummy restaurant is right at the fish market of Hamburg. The meals aren’t too expensive and you have a tasty menu. A very famous restaurant which is called “Oberhafenkantine” gives the visitors cheap and typically northern meals. You can find it next to the Oberhafenbruecke.

Especially Hamburg has some really delicious fish restaurants in each part of Hamburg and the fish is always fresh and tasty. You can also find a lot of Chinese, Italian and Spanish restaurants in this area too. There is always a restaurant for everyone’s taste.

Photo of Hamburg’s Old Harbour by kliefi

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