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Made in Italy

Made In Italy: A Foreigner’s Guide to Italian Football

Saturday, February 1st, 2014

How many Italian football players can you name off your fingertips? Do you even know that Italy has lifted the World Cup trophy four good times? Interesting, isn’t it? If you are new to the Italian Football Culture, feel welcome, pull a seat and let me tell you why you should be interested in Italian football in the very first place.

italian soccer(photo by: Osei Thompson)

The word for football in Italian is Calcio, and when directly translated means ‘kick’. A footballer is a calciatore and so it goes. Amazingly, the game remains popular now as it was then. The only difference between then and now is probably the world acclaim that Italian football now receives. For the first time in History, The Italian national football team called the Azzurri lifted the World Cup trophy in 1934 followed by another win in 1938. The two consecutive wins threw Italy into the limelight and declared its entry into the arena of international championships. One other tidbit of information that I am sure you don’t know is that Italy clubs have won over 27 major European Trophies, making Italy the most prosperous (read that again, the most prosperous) country in European football. The Italian football domestic league is one of the most popular football leagues in the world and you should watch Milan play! The sheer talent and theatrics of one Mario Balotelli will keep your eyes glued to the stadium, and it will be a miracle if you fail to become a follower of the team. Apart from Milan, the other teams you should watch in Serie A include Juventus, Roma and Inter. What about attending a derby between Milan and Inter in Milan? That would mean true entertainment. Just check when the next one will be held – Milan hotels will be quite busy those days, so hurry up! The average level of play tells you of the finesse of the Italian football. Do you think Italian football is worth your time? Which team, player or stadium would you say kicks ass in Italy?


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One response to “Made In Italy: A Foreigner’s Guide to Italian Football”

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  1. petr sam says:
    February 5th, 2014 at 21:22

    but I don’t believe Italian league is world class. wait till you watch english, german or even spanish league.

    mario is one of the most foolish player I have ever seen. he got kicked out of english league.

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