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The Olympus Festival of Greece 2012

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

Held every year in the months of July and August in the area that surrounds the eastern slopes of Mt. Olympus is the Olympus Festival of Greece.  As Greek mythology goes, the famous summit was to the god Zeus and the other Olympians.  The annual music and theater festival in northern Greece at Pieria in the ancient Theater of Dion.  The Greek Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Dion support the annual festival as well as several other Pieria Prefecture local authorities.

photo by Ava Babili

Many of the festival’s cultural events are held at the theater which is a beautiful and once a site where the ruler Alexander the Great would review his forces.  Mt. Olympus overlooks the landscape but you will not be able visit the site if you are planning on taking in an nighttime event because the site closes for the evening.  Public service is available to the events from the city of Katerini 6.21 miles (10 km) away.  Visitors can enjoy the magical lights that take place at night during the evening festival performances.

Other Olympus Festival events held in the city of Dion at the Mediterranean Mosaic Center, in Kontariotissa at the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin, and at the medieval Platamon Castle which sits above the northern shores of the Aegean Sea.  Tickets can normally be purchased at several places of the local area but they can also be bought just prior to the performances at the festival venue itself.

There are two locations in Dion where you can purchase your tickets as well as many lodging venues where you can spend your evenings once your day has concluded.  You can purchase tickets at the Dion Archaeological Park snack bar area where the original dig took place.  Or you can purchase your tickets near the Dion Archaeological Museum at the Mediterranean Mosaic Center.  Located just inside the park is the ancient theater inside the archaeological park.  It is accessed along the outer edge of the park from the main road.

You can also purchase tickets at the Central Square Platia Eleftherias in Katerini.  If your hotel is located in the city but you decide to purchase your tickets there be careful of all the one-way streets which can make it extremely confusion.  If you have rented a car and are doing the driving, you might find it simpler to purchase your tickets in Dion or further away in the city of Litochoro at the Tourist Information Office.  You can find numerous hotels in Litochoro but they usually get booked up quickly prior to the start of the Olympus Festival.

For more information regarding the Olympus Festival, you can always consult with a licensed travel agent.


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