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Lovely Tea Shops in Granada, Spain

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Perhaps the west country of England is somewhere you might expect to find a quiet and quaint little tea room more than the sunny, southern city in Spain.

But don’t be expecting scones with jam and cream, earl grey and old ladies crashing into cake stands. The elegant tea rooms in Granada are something quite different but equally as enchanting and irresistible.

The close proximity to the tip of northern Africa down in the southern towns and cities in Spain has led to a certain Arabic buzz to the air that has permeated into the output in the shops and the cafés. All around the Plaza Neuva, which is quite central in the city and not too far from the majestic Cathedral, you will find a host of these charming little tea rooms, known as teterias that are rich with teas you might have never encountered before.

Some teas come with milk, some with water, some with water and a host of greenery for flavour. The teas are all served in delightful looking glass and metal cups and often in a host of totally unique tea pots. You will smell the tea before you taste it. Rich aromas from all over Africa and Asia fill these little cafes. You could hear the Moorish music before you see it. The staff treat their tea very seriously and are more than used to people walking in off the street not knowing which to choose. They will guide you through the flavours and how they are served so you get the most interesting afternoon brew.

Some of the best to look out for are Sueños de Alambra, which comes with hot water, and Te Pakistani, which is served with hot or cold milk depending on what you ask for. There are a great number of fruit teas as well as herbal teas. But don’t expect many to come in a bag. These teas are as fresh as the oranges in Seville.

If you’re with young children, or even people who aren’t that into tea, then don’t worry, as there’s something extra special for them too. The milkshakes and the fruit juices in these accommodating tea rooms are to die for. A good one is called Limonada and is an Arabic juice of lemon and mint. Then quite a few of them also serve light snacks such as crepes or northern African sweet pastries and cookies.

You’ll find yourself wasting hours in these warm and cost little tea rooms. You could even do a crawl from one to the other all afternoon, soaking up tea like a sponge. Some of the best to look out for are on Calle Caldereria Nueva 4 and Calles Caldereria Nueva & Caldereria Vieja.

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Photo of tea house in Granada, Spain by Hector de Pereda


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