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Favorite Sightseeing Destinations in Gibraltar

Friday, May 4th, 2012

More commonly referred to as “The Rock”, Gibraltar is an overseas UK territorial kingdom situated off Spain’s southern coastline and the gateway to the Mediterranean Sea.  The majority of Gibraltar’s inhabitants of citizens of the UK.  There are numerous attractions, points of interest, and sightseeing opportunities to enjoy when vacationing here.  Listed here are the favorite sightseeing destinations in Gibraltar and other activities to partake in.

photo by Axel Rouvin

Europa Point – the southernmost point of Gibraltar where the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea meets and where visitors can see the African coast across the water.

Upper Rock – home of the world famous Barbary Macaques monkeys, Upper Rock is a military installation as well as a natural preserve.

St Michael’s Cave – formerly the home of Neolithic inhabitants, Upper Rock is an impressive natural rock grotto and a popular favorite of both domestic and international visitors.

Siege Tunnels – created during the Great Siege of Gibraltar when the countries of France and Spain once attempted to invade and capture The Rock from the British Empire during the American War of Independence.  This huge network of tunnels served as an effective defense mechanism during these warring times.

Dolphin Watching – the Alboran Sea and the Bay of Gibraltar are both home to a number of daily dolphin watching excursions that occur throughout the day.  Dolphin safaris run from 10 am to 6 pm and offer you numerous opportunities to see Bottlenose, Common, and Striped dolphins.  Tours run $9 to $15.50 (£15 to £25 / €18 to €31).

The Mediterranean Steps – starting at the termination of Engineer Road where the Jew’s Gate bird observatory is located and winding up the east side of The Rock to the top is the Mediterranean Steps.  Just a precaution, if you have difficulties climbing and walking for long periods of time as well as a fear of heights, this attraction is not for you.

Gibraltar Museum – founded in 1930, the Gibraltar Museum is a national museum of culture and history.  The structure is currently known as having the longest historical sequence of any structure on Gibraltar and was originally known as the Ordinance House, the Principal Ordinance Officer’s place of residence.

Naturally, the key feature of Gibraltar is The Rock itself, a massive ridge of pure limestone with a peak elevation of 1,398 feet or 426 meters.  In ancient times, the Greeks and Romans viewed the rock as one of the two great Herculean pillars.

Apart from the sightseeing destinations that are a favorite with tourists and locals alike, Gibraltar is known for is peppy nightlife, tax free shopping, casinos, beaches and scenic beauty. This makes it perfect for all ages and whether you are planning to come alone or with your family, it will be a memorable vacation.


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