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Did You Know Germans Train in Italy for World Cup 2014?

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

While there are so many places in the world where the German football squad would have been sent for training prior to the 2014 world cup, the German Football Association picked South Tyrol yet again. The Germans trained in the same location right before the 1990 and 2010 competitions as well.

South Tyrol(photo by: Michael Mertens)

You may be wondering why the team managers singled out South Tyrol for a third time when they could have easily settled on a new location but the reasons for their choice are obvious: with its exclusive hotels, dreamy resorts, perfect atmosphere and breathtaking natural scenes, this town has proven to be a magical place not just for regular travelers, but for sports persons too.

The Germans have always been focused on training well and each time, this charming district tucked in Northern Italy has offered them a wonderful training ground. Owing to the province’s great environment, the players have been able to train intensively, get along well, and enjoy themselves at the same time. To cut a long story short, the setting has a positive effect on them.

Other than being among Italy’s wealthiest and most advanced areas, South Tyrol also provides an ideal environment for relaxation. Besides, if you are looking to engage in biking, mountaineering, running, hiking or any other activities to make your calves stronger, the perfect atmosphere and beautiful mountain backdrop in this province will offer you just the right environment to do that. While here, there are a number of amazing places you can check into for accommodation and these include the San Martino in Passiria Hotels, Italy.

Considering how much the German team favors South Tyrol, as a regular traveler, you can expect to get even more from here: flavorsome food, wonderful weather, and very hospitable people. If you are a football buff and intend to watch your favorite team engage in the world cup play offs though, you need to find yourself a place to stay in one of the Hotels near Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janeiro in advance. You wouldn’t want to be too tired to catch the most electrifying match in the championships just because you didn’t have enough rest now, would you?


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