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Fun Facts about Zagreb, Croatia

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

1. The invention of the ball-point pen

Don’t laugh because you wouldn’t know what to do without one. Thanks heavens for a Mr Slavoljub Penkala, who lived much of his life and died in the Croatian capital. He invented many famous household items such as the hot water bottle, a blue detergent, rail-car brakes, an anode battery and probably his most famous creation, the ball-point pen. The first pen to come with its own ink.


2. Tie die

Another cracking invention to come out of Croatia was the tie, or at least the origins of the neckpiece. Soldiers fighting for King Louis XIII wore silk material around their necks in the early 17th Century during the Thirty Year War. The King was quite the fashion icon at the time and he took to the colourful accessories, naming them Cravats, which came from Croat.

3. A glimpse into the past

Zagreb proudly boasts the largest and most extensive collection of Neanderthal Man remains found on one site in the world. The Croatian Museum of Natural Sciences is a real insight into the life and workings of the prehistoric man, with tools and weapons from early man on display.

4. Mummy mummy

The Zagreb mummy isn’t something that cooks you dinner and puts you to bed at night. Housed inside the city’s Archaeological Museum are some of the world’s finest collections of human preservation and examples of the oldest Etruscan inscription known to man. For many years the writings that adorned the mummy were thought to be Egyptian but they turned out to be from the empire that resided in Italy and Corsica and contained passages referring the ancient gods and religious rituals.

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