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Fun Facts about Moscow, Russia

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Are you seeing billionaires?

Moscow has more billionaires living in its streets than any other city on earth. A certain owner of Chelsea FC is one of the most famous of the gang of wealthy men and women (mostly men). Many have made their money from a certain fossil fuel, amongst other things. There are around 70 billionaires in Moscow, which beats New York by a few to come top.

Moscow Matryoshka dolls

Are you seeing double?

All of that vodka for breakfast, lunch and dinner might make you think you’re seeing things when you arrive in Moscow. But don’t be fooled. You’re not seeing double. There are a few buildings in the city that look exactly the same. Here are a few of them so you don’t get paranoid: the Moscow State University, two administrative buildings, two blocks of flats, and finally a couple of hotels.

Are you seeing more people than anywhere else?

Moscow wins the prize for housing the most people in a city in Europe. It’s not surprising really seeing as Russia is the largest country in the world and most of the country is uninhabitable. Beating London, Paris and Istanbul, Moscow has a winning figure of 10 million inhabitants. They cover a 1000km square area, which is strangely less than London, Istanbul and Paris.

Are you seeing St George on the flag of Moscow?

Yes you are. It’s the same man that the English flag is a symbol of and the same man who happens to be the patron saint of a number of countries and cities including: Aragon, Catalonia, Georgia, Lithuania, Palestine, Portugal, Germany and Greece. The flag of Moscow is a red background with Saint George riding on horseback in armour slaying a dragon with his lance.

Top 3 hotels in Moscow, Russia

Photo of colourful Matryoshka dolls in Moscow by neiljs.

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  1. Rin says:
    July 7th, 2010 at 16:29

    I certainly did not know number two. The billionaire fact is quite common. Still, people are quite fascinated about it.

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