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Visiting the French Riviera and the Lavender Fields

Friday, May 17th, 2013

Get your own look at a local’s guide to the famed French Riviera.

France’s Provence is home to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Encompassing the glamorous French Riviera along the Mediterranean coast, as well as the heady scents and seas of delicate mauve found throughout the region in the vast lavender fields. There is no destination more magical than Provence, so take a few minutes to read our advice on how to make the most of a trip to this French charm.

Languedoc-Roussillon / Provence

(photo by: puliarf)

The French Riviera is famous for rich, indulgent St. Tropez, Monaco, and Cannes. Whilst you’ll pay a premium for visiting these areas in the height of the summer, take care to avoid the tourist traps and you’ll find them exhilarating and charming. The Riviera is also home to some lesser known but equally fascinating destinations. This Alpine region boasts scenery second-to-none, with areas of great historical value and interest. Take for example Eze or Gourdon, perched on mountain peaks with vistas of the surrounding area which nobody could forget in an entire lifetime.

Branch slightly out of the area into wider Provence and you’ll find cities such as Nîmes, its vast amounts of Roman historical artefacts and architecture completely unmissable. Should you take our advice and head over to the historical treasure that is Nîmes, be sure to check out our recommended hotels in the area: the Majestic Hotel and the Acanthe du Temple hotel. Both are situated in the heart of this Roman city, offering easy access to the local tourist destinations such as the Arènes, the Maison Carrée or the Pont du Gard bridge as well as the countless museums: home to a wealth of historical relics and works of art.

Our final tip for visiting this region is to ensure a trip to the Lavender Fields scattered throughout Provence. Find a tour-guide to show you through the back roads, admiring the lavender from a privileged and secluded perspective, making the most of this serene and romantic region. Visit between June and August to make you don’t miss them in full bloom, and enjoy your trip to Provence!

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