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Foodie’s Guide to London

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

London foodPhoto by: Maha
You have to eat fish and chips in London… and a whole lot more!

Foodie’s Guide to London

I’ve written some foodie blog posts in the past, and it would be an injustice if I failed to dedicate a foodie post to London, so here we go! What makes London a foodie heaven? Well, how about fish and chips, traditional English dishes you’d only think of eating while overseas, and some really fantastic and rowdy pubs to grab a pint to wash all that food down? And there are some really awesome things to do in London when you aren’t eating – you just might catch a glimpse of Wills and Kate! Let’s go on a foodie vacation in Jolly Ol’ England… London, to be exact!

Asian Cuisine

Even though we’re in London, we’re going to start by enjoying some fantastic Asian cuisine. Both of these restaurants are located in London’s West End Theatre District, so load up on some Asian goodies and then go and enjoy a show!

  • Koya: This Japanese restaurant makes its udon fresh daily, and it takes five hours to create the flavorful and traditional Japanese soup. Included in the cooking process is shaving bonito fish for the soup’s stock and fresh ingredients such as wild garlic and leeks. Yum!
  • Spice Market: This Asian fusion restaurant pleases all palates, including those craving classic Asian faves, vegetarians, and adventurous gourmets. Whether you go big and eat a huge, hearty meal or go home and partake in a healthy, lighter meal, you won’t be disappointed!

British Cuisine

When in Britain, do as the Brits and enjoy some glorious British cuisine. You simply have to indulge in fish and chips and try some of the many meat pies our English brethren have made famous. Top off your British cuisine experience with a pub stop!

  • Toff’s of Muswell Hill: As its name suggests, Toff’s is located in the Muswell Hill suburb of London and is often called the number one place to get fish and chips in London. Don’t worry about how fattening the meal is because you’ll hike up Muswell Hill to get the restaurant!
  • Abbeville Kitchen: Located on Abbeville Road in London, Abbeville Kitchen gives foodies modern British cuisine to die for. One unique meat pie the restaurant offers is a venison and pickled walnut pie, or you might prefer the traditional beef pie. It’s up to you!

French Cuisine

When in London, do as the French? Well, okay! After all, we are foodies and we are eating our way through London, so we may as well enjoy some fantastic French cuisine as well.

  • Les Deux Salons: This little French gem is a Parisian brasserie that offers some yummy pre-theater delights (it’s located in the West End). Aside from fantastic traditional French dishes, you simply must try the “cheese of the day” while dining at Les Deux Salons.
  • Bistrot Bruno Loubet: This St. John’s Square restaurant serves French bistro food, and guests enjoy dishes such as watercress soup, snails and meatballs, and beetroot ravioli. You’ll want to top off your meal with the crème brûlée or the pear and hazelnut brownie – trust me!

Italian Cuisine

Well, we have to chow down some Italian food, too – I am Italian! And I am proud to say that the Brits have some fantastic Italian eateries to satisfy even the fussiest Italian foodie. You’ll find these restaurants in Soho.

  • Bocca di Lupo: This Italian restaurant offers a menu that gives diners a tour of Italy – the restaurant features Italian food by region, so you can pick your favorite dish from your favorite part of Italy. They also serve a mean glass of wine by region!
  • Gelupo: After indulging in a yummy lunch or dinner at Bocca di Lupo, head across the street to its sister restaurant, Gelupo, and top your meal off with authentic Italian gelato. If the season allows, you have to try the blood orange granita, which is Italian flavored ice.

Honorable Mentions

These three restaurants offer different varieties of cuisine and have made my foodie guide to London because they just rock – that’s all there is to it! When in London, you simply must check out:

  • Asia de Cuba: Asia… de… Cuba? Yep! You guessed it! This restaurant located in London’s St. Martin’s Lane Hotel offers a menu filled with delectable dishes fusing Asian and Central American flavors together. It’s unique and tasty to boot!
  • Lahore Karahi: Located in London’s Tooting suburb, Lahore Karahi offers Pakistani food that will make a curry-lover’s heart melt – lamb chops, lamb masala, kebabs, you name it! Add some of the best Pakistani food in London while on your foodie tour.
  • Lima: Peruvian food is served at Lima on Rathbone Place in London, and they whip up a pretty mean cocktail, too! You’ll find a lot of seafood here, including sea bream and braised octopus. Dive out of the ocean for the pig with lentils.

Phew! I’m stuffed. I hope you are, too. London is not only the capital of England, but it is also quite a melting pot of numerous cultures, and it has the cuisine to prove it. Whether you are looking for traditional English fare or a unique dining experience from one of the many cultures represented in this world-class city, you won’t go wrong taking a foodie’s tour of London. So pack your appetite and enjoy!



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