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Florence Day Trip: Tuscan Wine & Boar Festival

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

One of the more historical events that draws both locals and tourists to Tuscany the last weekend in August and the first two weekends in September is Tuscany’s Wine and Wild Boar Festival.  Wine tourism in Italy is a huge industry as it is, but the numerous annual celebrations, events, and festivals just add to the mix, especially from Florence to Siena.  The regions of Chianti, Montalcino, and Montepulciano are the more famous regions in the region and where a majority of these fun activities and wine tours take place.

Image by Arnaud Bachelard

The Wine and Wild Boar Festival provides numerous opportunities to taste the traditional cuisine and special dishes made especially for the festival from wild boar meat as well as some of the region’s tastiest wines and so much more.  This is the ideal way to experience the best in cuisine, wild boar dishes, and wines all at once over the course of several days and weekends.  Numerous towns throughout Tuscany host these festivals so you will plenty of opportunity to visit at least a couple if you are touring this region on vacation.

Women and children walk around in medieval clothing similar to what you would see at most Renaissance Fairs.  It’s almost like visiting the set of knights in shining armor movie.  You have the opportunity to participate in medieval games offered up by the many hosts decorated in there period garb.  It’s great fun for families who have their children tagging along as there is plenty for everyone to get involved in.  It is the closest representation of the culture and history of the imaginable past.

In most locations, the Wine and Wild Boar Festival’s last day features the start of the grand feast which in most cases will result in empty dishes and full stomachs.  The meal will usually be complemented with olive oil, Tuscan honey, and a glass (or glasses) of wine.  Make sure that you have your accommodation and travel reservations made well in advance as the festival gets fairly busy in the larger Tuscan cities.

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  1. Amy Ferguson says:
    August 7th, 2012 at 21:44

    Can you help me plan a side trip. I am attending Terra Madre in Turin October 24-29. I have the 30-Nov5th to take side trips. This is my first time to Italy…I tried booking a flight to India, but was told to do it when I have more time to spend there…I’s too fab a country to short cut it… Can you help me with Italy?
    I am a chef and would love a culinary experience worthy of a chef…
    Thanks Amy

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