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How to improve your flight

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

Before you go haring off around the world on your adventures, it’s wise to make sure that the airline you choose to fly with has several vital features.

Even in these days of Star Alliance, standardisation, and what with the various, increasing facets of globalisation, it’s important to find out whether or not the carrier you pick will let you down. Nothing stings more than not checking up on your information first, as I found out once after getting on a plane for a 14-hour flight to Frankfurt and finding the legroom was barely at amoebic levels, and that there was not one thing, aside a mindless in-flight magazine and a projector playing just two movies, to keep me entertained.

I will no mention the airline on here, nor will I ever fly them again. But before any Venere blog readers make the same mistake as I did, before booking the flight, always make sure these factors are included:

1. Personal in-flight Entertainment

Make sure, never, ever, to book a long-distance flight without it. Yes, people always say they’ll mostly just be reading their book or trying to sleep, but don’t you believe them. 99% of them will be sitting goggle-eyed at it the whole flight, with nary a toilet break. It’s important to understand that actually, you’re not the philosophical, literary hippy you think you are, and will actually just end up diving into the entertainment in a desperate bid to see if they’ll be showing Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street yet.

2. The Special Diet Option

A top travel trick of mine. Requesting one of the special meals on economy class (diabetic, hyperglycaemic, gluten free) beforehand will not only mean you’ll get your meal before everyone else, it’ll most likely be of a much higher quality. I discovered this trick years as a young boy. While everyone else was reluctantly munching away on artificial-looking packaged cornflakes accompanied by room temperature milk, I was scoffing down a delicious honey-oat breakfast roll. What makes it even better is that you can still order all the other items on the list which are not associated with forced diets. Just expect weird looks when the Cabin Crew wonders why an apparent Diabetes sufferer is demanding a Pepsi with ice.

3. Reserved Seats in Strategic Areas

A big travel controversy which pops up is where the best seating lies. Let me tell all the uninformed right now that the worst seats on the plane are the ones just behind the lavatories, mainly because of the noise and often the uncomfortable seekers in aid of relief lining up right next to your seat, hopping on one foot.

The best economy seats by far are the ones that lie just behind the Economy Class and Business Class barrier. Not only can you catch the whiffs of superior food being served, but also the legroom will be better because of no seats in front of you.

Please remember this advice next time you’re on the move. It’s amazing how just some minimal preparation will improve your flight to no end.

Enjoy your travels!

Photo of airplane window originally posted by Hyougushi

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