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Our favorite travel stories for 2008

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Yesterday we posted our Top 5 Most Read Articles and, today, we want to let you know what our favorite posts for 2008 are.

It’s been so much fun reading and writing for the Venere Travel Blog that it was difficult to agree on the five articles to pick, but here is our list:

1. Best Aperitif Bars in Rome

Since me and my Venere colleagues often meet up in a cocktail bar for a few relaxing after-work drinks, we really enjoyed reading this blog post on the best aperitif places in Rome. This aperitif bar review by Nicole Arriaga and the comments left by readers made us discover some of the coolest wine bars in Rome.

2.  Hotels for Chocolate Lovers

As Susan wrote yesterday, we have come to know that many of you are chocolate addicts and, since we here at Venere are chocoholics too, this hotel review is definitely one of our favorites. The hotels for chocolate lovers reviewed in this yummy article are the Etruscan Chocohotel (Perugia), the Chocolate Boutique Hotel (Bournemouth), the Langham Hotel (Boston),  La Banisterie (Avignon) and the NH Koln City Hotel (Cologne).

3. Top 5 Movie Set Hotels

If, like us, you have always dreamt of being a Hollywood movie star for one day, you will enjoy this blog post on film tourism too. In this article, Mascha reviews five hotels featured in movies including Apartment R/134 Margutta (Roman Holiday), Hotel Des Bains (Death in Venice), Hotel Fontanebleau Resorts (Goldfinger), San Domenico Palace (The Adventure) and Hotel York (Vertigo).

4. Monkey Thieves in Thailand

This amusing post about monkey pickpockets in Thailand is certainly one of the funniest travel stories on the Venere Travel Blog. Sarah Edge tells us her adventure at Monkey Temple in Prachuap Khiri Khan – a  monastery enjoying fantastic views of the Burmese mountains and the Thai Bay – when a big monkey stole her bag and ran up a tree to get away from her.

5. How to get over your summer love

Getting back from a dreamy beach holiday in Santorini, Ibiza or Sicily,  and going through a lost love crisis? Do not miss Susan’s summer love heartbreak tips: indulge in self-pity,  eat chocolate, replace your lover quickly, and become a rock star. Any more tips on how to get over a holiday romance? Leave a comment and let us know.

Photo of heart drawn in the sand by Gisela Giardino

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  1. Ibiza says:
    January 23rd, 2009 at 13:47

    monkey pickpockets, this is really strange.

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