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25 Fastest and Highest Roller Coasters

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Combining the rush of fast speeds and dramatic heights, roller coasters are some of the most exciting attractions around the world. Presently, amusement parks are in a sort of arms race to see who can create the highest and fastest coasters, meaning that ride enthusiasts get to experience bigger and better ones every year.

World's fastest coaster(photo by: Kathrin Gaisser)

When it comes to coasters that are both high and fast, the United States has a lot to offer. Kingda Ka, at Six Flags Adventure claims the top spot, reaching heights of 456 feet and speeds of 128mph, but there’s also Top Thrill Dragster, Superman: Escape from Krypton, Millennium Force and Intimidator 305. Rounding out the list is the Tower of Terror II at Dreamworld in Australia, Steel Dragon 200 at Nagashima Spa Land in Japan and Leviathan at Canada’s Wonderland.

Of course, there are coasters whose excitement lies more in their height than their speed and vice versa. For instance, Japan’s Thunder Dolphin, Fujiyama, and Eejanaika are all incredibly tall, coming in at 262.5 feet, 259.2 feet and 249.3 feet, respectively. Europe also has its fair share of tall coasters, with Spain’s Shambhala which is 249.3 feet and Germany’s Silver Star at 239.5 feet. North America gets in on the fun with Intimidator, Diamondback, Behemoth, Goliath and Titan, which range from 245 feet to 230 feet.

When it comes to fast coasters, Asia is well represented, with Japhan’s Dodonpa reaching 106.9mph and China’s Bullet Coaster, OCT Thruster SCC100 and Extreme Rusher all clocking in at 83mph. The US has Phantom’s Revenge, which runs at 85mph and Spain has Furius Baco, which hits 83.9mph.

However, the world’s fastest coaster, which blows all the competition away by an absolutely massive margin, is Formula Rossa in the United Arab Emirates. This Formula One themed coaster, which is located on Yas Island, a place known for its F1 circuit and luxury hotels, reaches the incredible speed of 149.1mph. To experience the coaster and more, you can stay at Abu Dhabi Hotels, United Arab Emirates to have a full day of fun.

For people who love the particular brand of fun that roller coasters offer, vacations to exotic locales to try out the record holders are fun ways to experience the rides and see the world. If some of the coasters above have piqued your interest, why not book a trip to ride them today?


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